Thralls not attacking or following correctly

Game mode: Online Official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE - Isle of Siptah - Offcial #6430
Region: EU

None of my Thralls are attacking even when set to Attack all enemies - Max attack range set - Max chase range set

They also no longer follow me correctly by walking/running and simply just teleport when I move far enough away and stay in the same spot until they teleport again

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:
1.Choose either a Thrall currently in the world or place a new Thrall
2.Set all their combat parameters (Attack all, attack range, chase range) then ask the Thrall to follow
3.Walk away and the Thrall will not follow by walking or running, when you get far enough away they will teleport but will not move from the spot they teleport to
4.Go towards an enemy and the Thrall will draw their weapon and their health bar will appear but they will not move or attack even in self defence when they are getting attacked

I’ve been playing the new expansion since the start and have played Exiles for many many hours and this is a first for me, I’ve been playing most of the day today and my Thralls have worked fine in combat but since logging back in around 30mins ago this issue has arisen and I’ve already lost a lvl 15 Thrall because he simply wouldnt fight back or respond to my return commands

I’d upload a screenshot of me being practially next to a pack of 4 dogs and my Thrall set to attack on max range and chase is doing nothing but standing there - As a new user I cannot upload

This has been going on for years. More on the new island for w/e reason. As a work around bring the enemy to your thrall/pet and block. They will pick it up.

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Thanks, never experienced it on Exiles itself and I’ve logged plenty of time :smiley:

Just gave it a go and it seems to work in regards to combat, they will now defend themselves and attack but they still aren’t walking with me and will teleport to a spot and stay rooted until they hop again…not exactly helpful in fights right now

Guys on the server have mentioned a few issues in the last hour but none seem to be replicating across the board

Thanks for the advise though, much appreciated

Same for me with Thralls following.

They just stand there and when you reach a certain distance they are just teleporting.
Please fix this. It breaks gameplay and immersion.

Btw, problem occurs while playing on a Server. In Single Player it just works fine.

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