Following Thralls are not walking (only Teleport)

Game mode: Online private
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP | PvE
Region: Europe

Thralls are not walking when set to follow.
When you are at a certain range they just teleport to you.
“Move” order is also ignored.
Exeption: order Thrall to attack a legit Target

  • Server has been freshly installed multiple times (with fresh savegame/map)
  • no Mods
  • tested with both Maps
  • default settings

Server Provider: Citadel Servers (just for the record)

  1. install server
  2. connect
  3. spawn a thrall and set him to follow
  4. give him a move order (or start walking away from him/her).
  5. See Thrall just standing around without moving

Hey @Zayisha

Could you share a video showcasing this issue for you?
It could be caused by a myriad of things, like pathfinding issues or server performance. Having a short video showing where this is happening for you would help us better isolate the cause and relay it to our team more accurately.
Thanks in advance.

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Will try. Hope my 8y old PC can handle that! :grin:

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The Video you were asking for:

(A little bit choppy at some Points. Sorry, but that PC is 8y old. :grin: )

The same Savegame was used in both cases.

Let me know if you need more Info.
Also feel free to contact me if you like to have access to the Server to have a deeper look into that Bug.
I can send you an invite per PM.

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