Thralls Can No Longer Walk When Following

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE
Region: Local

So, coming back after a break from the game, I’ve noticed that since the latest mega-patch (02.03.2019) thralls are no longer able to walk when set to follow. Instead, they stand still until the player-character is a certain distance away and then will run after you, no matter what speed you are moving at.

I checked the forums and haven’t seen anyone else complaining about this, so I started a new game without any mods and the weird movement still occurred. Though perhaps it just bothers me more than most other people.

While the overall AI improvements are greatly appreciated, this new movement without the ability to walk looks very strange and unnatural. The behaviour is very similar to how camels used to follow you (until they were apparently patched - I haven’t tested this since they were), and was so annoying that I never used them. This new thrall movement irritates me in the same way.

Has anyone else experienced this and does it bother you?

  1. Command thrall to follow.
  2. Walk away while looking at the thrall.
  3. Observe how unnatural and janky the thrall’s movement is without the ability to walk.
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Sometimes they don’t even run. They wait until you get a very good distance away, and then just pop into the world in front of you. I’ve noticed this since the last patch. It was fine previously.

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Same problem. I hope it will be fixed soon.

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