Lots of bugs on conan isle of siptah please fix

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Region: [ EU/UK]
Hardware: [ PS4 ]

Bug Description:

hardened steel cages arent showing even after placing them,thralls on work stations standing with their arms out doing nothing and dancers are just standing there,pets getting stuck in open walkways and when ordered to move they run to a wall or cliff and stay there then when given the command to attack they dont move,npc enemies keep on running but end up killing you because they are infront of you even though you see them run past you,sound keeps cutting out or is very delayed,glitchy sanctuaries and dungeons where everything keeps getting stuck or you end up floating over objects,textures keep disappearing,crafting items vanishing from inventory crafting or missing from base benches like the glowing essence,not getting twitch prime drops even though the accounts are linked,placing thralls on foundation blocks that have been placed ontop of another block disappear,now the turanian fodder turns your white,black and greater rhinos to normal grey caravan rhinos even though it shows the picture for the specific rhino to be a black caravan rhino,white caravan rhino and a greater caravan rhino.this is what i have found just playing isle of siptah since it dropped on ps4,i love playing conan and have played exiled lands for over a year but this is spoiling the game,it needs fixing please

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None of the above to be happening

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Ive explained it the best i can in the bug description but ive tried restarting my server and the game but nothing stops it from happening
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Still waiting for a response from funcom as this is just spoiling the game for ps users as the bugs are just mounting up as ive now found npc can just walk over your placed traps but the traps go off when i go near them,there my traps??? I really hope these glitches and bugs are getting delt with or are we the ps4 community just been pushed aside

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