Siptah crashes upon loading multiplayer and singleplayer,visual skin glitches,missing npcs

So im on the ps5 isle of siotah crashes i cant even load in, theres a missing npc for the sorcery dungeon (hes literally missing thereby i csnt accsess the new content dungeon) also 90% of greater or skined animals dont render in all you seer are eyes or example a yamatai greater sabertooth all you see is some fur when is there an eta for a hot fix? Id live to enjoy the game again but as it is, ya cant even see elephants or greater rhinos so.when in exiled lands ure attacked by literal invisble enmys also the dragons in ice zone invisble too funcom please fix this i beg of you !!!


wrong game.

you want to post this in “Conan Exiles”

Uh no this is bug reports is it not? Its a bug therefore in bug repirts for conan

Again, you want “Conan Exiles”

Age of Conan is a DIFFERENT game.

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I see can u move this thread???

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@Arch_Angel795 Forum can be difficult to navigate on a cell phone.

If I could I would, but I’m not a moderator. :frowning:

Your best bet is to probably just remake your post and make sure its in Conan Exiles forums before posting.

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Aye that it can be i resposted in the proper area hopefuly

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