An Update: Siptah Crashes and Invisible Animals

Hey there Exiles,

We’ve been reading your feedback and wanted to let you know we are actively working on the two known issues that have been impacting some players in the last weeks:

  • Invisible animals (rhinos, elephants, etc.)
  • The Isle of Siptah crashes (decay timers are still disabled at this time)

These issues have cropped up because of a problem we’re experiencing with middleware used to ship the game, which makes it more challenging to fix.

That said, our developers have made good progress on the issue and we hope to have these issues fixed by the next update. We will keep you updated with developments.


UPDATE: This is addressed and fixed currently in the Public Beta Client. This will find its way to live as well with the Chapter 2 update.


Good luck


Keeping us updated on what’s going on is always appreciated, thanks Nicole. :+1:


:wave: Hello, @Spynosaur_Nicole I order you to greet me. because they ignore me? :pensive:

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And what about the Exiles Lands? These issues are not localized to Siptah.

The crashes on siptah and invisible animals are two separate bullet points

The Facebook post linking here makes it sound like it’s related.


We are aware of concerns surrounding The Isle of Siptah and invisible animals, and wanted to give an update regarding these. The current plan is to have these fixed by the next update.

And besides, of all the things broken on PS5 Exiled Lands, this is what they choose to address? Chapter 2 is likely going to crash during purges if Chapter 1 is any indication. The treasure in my coffer struggles to render in, how is it going to handle thralls trying to steal it. Invisible rhinos are the least of my concerns.

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Thanks for the update :raised_hands:


Spynosaur_Nicole thankyou so very much for communicating this to us! I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate it. As other members and myself have said in the past; we will take bad news over silence any day. Godspeed to the developers, and fingers crossed for an easier than anticipated fix.


The problem is in the water, the only place that crashes is in the south water, no other… It has nothing to do with what you guys are saying. Just fix the water graphics

But you work on the conan development team too huh?

your twicth appears on steam when i open conan in my game directory.

Is that you ?..

Welcome to the forum :+1:t6:.

Thank you Nicole!


When is the new update approximately speaking?

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@Nader221 Welcome to the Forum. Generally PC beta comes out a week or two before update have not seen any mention of it on the Forum it. Then it has to pass Xbox and Sony certification another couple weeks unless things have changed.

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Thanks. That is actually for Forum anniversary.

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