[bug] Isle of Siptah - Some bugs seen with creatures

Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvE-Conflict
Region: Oceanic

(Sorry for multiple bugs in one post, but I couldn’t make more than 3 posts)

  1. Apon killing the grey rhinos their corpses go absolute flying in the air, (no other dead creature seems to do this)

  2. The Elephants on Isle of Siptah have incredibly low health for such a huge tanky creature. (They can be 2 shot with a star forged pike on horseback)

  3. The boss bear that spawns in the redwoods in the stone circle has a stupidly high amount of health and took 2 of us with star-forged greatswords what felt like 15mins of pure slashing just to kill it.

  4. The Siptah Rhinoceros Calf does not eat the Shadebloom Bark recipe when placed inside the taming pen with it (this is meant to be the best food for it to get a greater).

I don’t know about the other bits, but flying rhinos is a long-standing tradition in Conan Exiles :wink: A lot of the other big creatures like elephants and dragons can get launched, but rhinos often seem to go particularly high.

I believe the elephants health is a bug - they seem a lot weaker in the Exiled Lands than they used to be as well.

I hope the boss bear is a bug - it sounds horrible :wink:

We and my brother take him down with steel weapons in about 10. Daggers and shield/axe. We have our camp right next to him. He is a bit beefy though compared to similar bosses.

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