Isle of Siptah Bug Reports

  • Valeria doesn’t come with subtitles

  • Elephants don’t attack and they are really weak. And damage is mitigated against them. You can do 30 damage against one thing but 12 damage against an elephant.

This was a picture I took last night. I was getting the screen effect I’d get during a Maelstrom, but the Surge was in the sky still.
Also, I get double Maelstrom status effects when I die inside it.

All the chests in the Flame of the North are empty.
And the water around the area doesn’t have realistic reaction to you in it. Meaning, the water is static, and doesn’t move.

hit boxes of daggers are off, terrain is not a big help either , if you are slightly elevated or lower you will miss.
choose white hair during character creation and you will receive free of charge …white eye lashes.
the strikes the sky squid make are LOUD.
all the caves and crevices in the mountains are filled in , need to make some holes.


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Whatever these are, are overbearingly bright, and blinding. This is a safe pic so it doesn’t explode on screen.

And these are untextured and can’t be harvested.

As stated in a bunch of reports, it is a granite error to the material used for this plant. It got corrupted and needs to be re-done. They don’t look like this usually.

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Chest at the end of the Wolfmen vault doesn’t have any loot.

This loading screen tip or message should be changed. We are in the Isle of Siptah, not the Exiled Lands.

Hey Trappist01x,

For bugs, please check the PC Bugs and Isle of Siptah subforums for existing threads on each issue and post there. Otherwise, please make a seperate thread for each issue.

See this thread for how to report issues:

This issue is related to the below. Keep an eye on the patch notes and this post:

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Hovering foilage in the sky in Isle of Siptah (Online server from Wak4863)

The cinematic at the end of the Asylum of the Fiends vault has a letter cut off. It should be “It was a war such as we had not experienced in centuries.” The I is cut off.

And the cinematic cuts off too fast before the next string of dialogue can load.

You beat me to it Trappist!

I will add an extra bug with this particular cut scene - no one in my clan could see the picture you have posted. We only had an orange screen with subtitles.

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The Headless Judge

Not a bug. It is intended. Sth lore-wise.

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Bloodless Husks can be affected by bleed and poison.

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