[PC] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines

How to report a bug

Thank you for taking the time to report any issues that you may run into, your participation in this forum assists us in identifying and prioritizing bugs, contributing to the improvement of Conan Exiles.

Be sure to follow the guidelines below while posting to this category:

  • Make sure you’re in the right section for your platform (PC,XBOX,PS4,TestLive)

  • Disable all mods and see if the issue persists

  • Verify if the issue has been previously reported and a thread is available to participate in

  • Report only one issue per post

  • Fill all the necessary details:

    • Informative title
    • Game mode (Singleplayer, Coop, Official, Private)
    • Game type (PvP, PvE, PvE-C)
    • Detailed information of the occurrence
  • If possible and applicable, be sure to also provide us with the following:

    • Official Server number
    • Hardware info (Computer specifications/Driver versions)
    • Connection info (Wired/Wireless/Speed)
    • Additional details (Screenshots/Video/Location Coordinates/Timestamps)
    • Short step-by-step guide on how to reproduce the issue

Our team can resolve the issue more quickly when they understand exactly what happened and can recreate it and, if necessary, we might ask you for clarification and more details.

On a final note, please do not derail topics or post feedback in this section, to share your feedback on the game be sure to use the Suggestions section.

Reporting infractions, exploits, or server issues

Do not post exploits or accuse players publicly, as it’s a breach of the Community Guidelines.

Instead, please follow the steps shared below:

[ BUGS ] Latest Patch Issues with base game
PC Hotfix (23.01.2019) - Crash fixes
Thrall system is still broken AI and sandstorms still happen inside buildings issues sense early access both issues never been fixed nore addressed
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Hey funcom >>>wake up!
Funcom Live Services
This can be deleted
Dev "to do:" list
NPC name tag does not display, disappears or is missing
Fix the decay timer resetting for no reason
Not a wise company plan
Thralls go under ground,stock in horse,inventory bug,dont see clan mates on map
A game FULL of graphical errors! Please FIX!
Do Mods disable achievements on Steam
Keep getting the same error
Silly 'Wrong Version' Scenario
A Novel Titled: “*HA!... Got eeeeem!*”
Flying in my Base
You win Funcom, you got me
Conan Exiles ! Ошибка ! нет подключения к сети. Соединение разорвано. Для игры необходимо подключение к сети
Funcom ... why is it that your game support stinks so bad? (read inside, a true story)
Open the patch threads
Can you please fix the roll/dodge now in the next patch?
Please, stop the combat musick!
PC Patch (30.01.2020) - January Patch: General, Exploit, UI, NPC and more fixes
PC Patch (30.01.2020) - January Patch: General, Exploit, UI, NPC and more fixes
Some bugs after the 1st patch
List of bugs (no images, new account)
Everything is bugged!
Repair tab missing on armor station
Official Server 1823 - Rubberbanding since January 30, 2020 Update/ Elevators Default to Top and Req Two Pulls to Engage
"Keep it constructive and civilized" but yet you keep insulting us
Deleting a stormglass fence gives the illusion that it was a frontier piece
So many BUGS pve 1021 server
List of bugs I found for you to fix
Someone help me please. Where can I complain about a server?
General Building issues
Fantastic Update (Fish decay after 30 minutes)
Will Siptah be developed?
2 Bugs I keep seeing
New Bug: Lost Connection / Green Screen
Busted for undermeshing
BUG, making the coins.... the coins made smelt back to bars loosing gold in the process
Delving Bench does not delve armors after Hotfix 2.1.1
Undermeshed bases report?
I am impressed how the changes improved the performance of the servers (Irony off)
Tablets of Power question
Game crashs by start it
Server browser issues after Update 2.0
List of URGENT bugs experienced
Purge issues after patch
Gruel timer? Missing a Zero?
Troubleshooting Highlights IoS
Personal feedback for Siptah
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Sepemeru very aggressive
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Wtf, this game was way to expensive to not be able to even sign in!
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Server down reporting system
Unplayable at this point
Alter the RESCUE option until you fix the bugs
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List of Critical bugs on Exiled Lands (my friends get them too)
Help bug despawn slave
Official server 6452# need HELP!
Servidor off em grandes períodos servidor 6308
Server 6301 - 2 days off!
Shelter bug base creation
Blocked the obelisk
Fix the bugs in the game
PC Hotfix (29.09.2020) - Hotfix 2.0.4: Further fixes!
Isle of Siptah: List of Bugs and Feedback from Experience
Character size changed
Authentication failure!
Failed to Join Server - Authentication Error
Can’t make Legendary armor patch kits at Tinkers Bench after Hotfix 2.1.1
Buildings not loading, desyncing from the server - Feedback thread
[#spellchekker] Spelling error in Specialist Cooking II description
About the [PC] Discussion category
Parts of building self-destruct upon restart
Can’t make Legendary armor patch kits at Tinkers Bench after Hotfix 2.1.1
His characters have not been removed and his game has not been broken due to updates. Instead, they were unknown people who are removing characters and breaking their connection to the game
Thralls animals and monsters bug
Conan Exiles Dedicated Server Launcher (Official Version: 1.5.8 / Beta: ----)
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Follower stuck in nothing
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NPC corpses visually dissapear after server restart
Bug-delete character
Healing arrows does not affect entertainers and pets
Not a wise company plan
Purge in home... all time
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Bleeding attack bug
New update full of bugs
Warning: Black Hand tent may disappear if
Mountain residents
Official server #1344 the server was attacked
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Pak file corrupt or tampered with, verify integrity
God protection dissapeared 10 hours after summoning the protection on a server crash