God shields less then 12 hours,pvp stamina glitch,,thralls dissapear after u kill them in camps

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[Describe the bug here]pvp glitch again,god protection last less then 12 hours,thralls dissapear after u kill them in camps,people build undermesh again…fix it pls…they will ruin the game

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Bruh the entire post comes automatically formatted to make it easier to report issues and you ignored the whole thing, what’s wrong with you

Here is a helping hand, how to do it right.

god protection - reported and currently under investigation
bodies glitched - reported and we are waiting for the fix
people build undermesh with statues - reported as well
pvp glitch - not sure which glitch you mean but either way it is an exploit you should use the exploit hunter form to report it: https://www.conanexiles.com/exploithunters/