Protection god / shield god

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Shield god down after reset server!!
not is lasting 36 hours.

this is a bug?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

im on ps4 and the same thing is happening. after server reset it goes away. wonder how man clans will get wiped and quiit after this bug. this one is extremely serious if you ask me. really sucks playing a bubble farming simulator

Maybe Funcom should disable avatars until they work this out. Not everyone can farm 500 zeal a day. We’ve lost one base already. Server populations are going to start dropping soon. I’ve noticed a lot of new people starting to play but they wont be around long if they get godded off every server. It’s not ideal. I love using gods but god bubbles are the only defense.

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How have you guys not worked on fixing his bubbles


Hey there,

Our team is aware about this issue and they’re looking into it.
Thanks for your feedback and apologies about the frustration.

Thanks funcom our base is now wiped because we couldn’t farm 500 zeals a day 3 jebal sag gods and it’s like our base never existed.

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