God protection duration?

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Region: official server, US servers.

I’ve been watching a few clans’ god protection waiting for them to expire… to my knowledge god shields only lasted 36 hours. Now… a couple clans ( according to the event log) have not popped a shield in 3 or more days… yet they still have a good shield up. Is this a visual bug, glitch or exploit?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

Bump, @Tascha could you please shed some light on this

Also I tried to use a god on said shields today and they’re still active. So definitely not visually glitched

yes god bubble time has obviously changed (and before this last patch) and no informaton at all have never been given. so please give us the indication of god bubble time intended in the game, in the past it was 36 hours, now it is ?

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Yeah, I’d really like to know

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