Dome Protection Not Lasting Even 24hrs

Well well well, another day and another BS bug brought to you by Funcoms latest broken update.

Summoned ritual dome protection 15mins before raid window yesterday and log on today and it’s already down 18hrs after I summoned it!

Thanks Funcom you now have helped all the big clans wipe everyone out even easier with this one and I guesss we’lol have to wait months for this to get patched right?

Seriously becoming a joke with how much things get broken upon each “patch”

Doubt I’ll get a response from a CM on this just like other bugs I have reported.

PS4 version.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Summon dome protection.
  2. Log on after server reset.
  3. Done disappears
  4. Think about all the time wasted farming 500 zeal for nothing!

replied to you in another topic but for visibility, the issue is being investigated:


I appreciate your help, I had looked for the dome one but couldn’t see however I admit I never checked about the Temple of Frost before posting.

Thanks again!

no problem, it seems to be an issue on all platforms. people report it in different sub-sections but Ignasis is doing his best to reply to all. anyway, nothing new on the issue so we are waiting to hear from the team.

Can confirm. Bubbles popped yesterday are down today after restart. Lets see how many tribes get wiped and quit after this. Maybe this is Funcom’s insidious way of silently punishing clans who took advantage of the infinite bubble glitch for so long.

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