PSA: Dome Protection Dont Last After Server Reset Since Update

Posting this here as well as in the bug section as hopefully it will spread the word and make Funcom fix promptly (wishful thinking I know!)

Since the lastet “patch” protective domes do not last 36hrs or even 24hrs, they magically dissapear upon a server reset and waste all the 500 zeal you just spent 2 hours mindlessley killing NPC’s to gather.

Honestly really really disappointed with this latest patch and the number of issues it had caused but this one is game breaking as all the bigger clans now will easily wipe majority of others if they can’t even protect themselves with a bubble.

So heads up to all that are farming zeal and planning on putting up their protection, DONT!

Funcom what are you playing at here exactly? And how long will we need to wait for this to get fixed? Months?

PS4 version for all that’s wondering.

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