Help! Funcom?! Answer multiple emails no help!

So. Been enjoying Conan. But pretty sure we have exploiters on our server. Popped our first protection shield ever. Not even 24 hours and bubble is gone. It is a 36 hr shield no? Would like someone to look into this matter. I’m tired of the cheating. It is ruining our experience!

Bubbles are bugged at the moment, lasting only until server reset and not the full 36 hours. This is why gods have been disabled on official servers.

That’s the thing. We didn’t have a reset on our server yet. I need Funcom to look into this matter.

Well… good luck. Funcom doesn’t police official servers, and will only interfere in extreme cases, with indisputable proof.

Hopefully they take it seriously. We have proof. No server reset… think that is pretty good evidence enough. And all the tribes left bc apparently this one tribe is meshing

hum…meshing… good luck, this is happening on all servers since early beta (2 years ago). for bubble it’s a bug of funcom.

and one advice : learn how to raid undermeshed base.

…and even then they do nothing. In fact it would just be easier to say they do nothing.

It’s TRUE, we all have many and varied journeys involving cheaters, reporting, different evidence and incidents. What unites us is that one truth… Funcom did nothing.

You dont even get an acknowledgment that you’ve been heard. You get literally NOTHING.

If it is on official, then it should reset daily. If it is hasn’t then that is a bug right there.

They reset the server 3x in succession. Canceled our bubble out trying to exploit to raid

I’d like a funcom associate to reply thx. This needs to be ratified immediately. It’s cheating.

I think it’s severe. Especially when they are hacking accounts offline and we are having support from PS4 due to unrecognized log in… so yea funcom SUPPORT would be nice

That’s the thing after the main reset we use protection. These guys crash the server 3x consecutively to delete bubble after it is used

that sucks. And they are probably checking the event log to do the reset after they see your clan summon the dome of protection it. Event log, another great trolling tool.

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