God protection.. What to do now?

Hi everyone,

This is message from a player who’s tired of the god protection aka the bubble.
I specify I’m a pvp player on officials servers. We know that the god are disabled for an indefinite period. After those months of exploits of dupplication, and now a new exploit which can allow you to do several protection for the same count of zeal, there’s a statu quo situation on officials servers. Those clans , who duped and use the protection exploit, are super powerful (point of view ressources) and are unraidable because of their landclaim with t3 constructions around their pillar base…

There’s no way to raid those bases. No gods, no efficiency siege weapon (and no information about it) , it’s very frustrating. I mean it’s a survival game, I wonder why funcom is doing nothing about that, this issue frustration is, however, well known.

This is my personal anger that I need to share here !

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Screen shot the base. Let us see this unraidable base.

From a meta standpoint, if you look at this duping situation, as it has been alluded to, I can see a tactical approach that almost certainly has Alex’s hands in it. IMO the Lead dev on this project, Alex, is trying to starve out the extra tokens, rather than wipe all our servers.

In other words, I believe Funcom is laying siege on the cheaters by forcing the (at least passive) ones to spend their bubbles at semi-regular intervals. During this time, I Reddit that players are reportedly snitching on perma-bubbles at a fairly good clip. There’s no way to restore your confidence in an imminent fix for perma-bubbles though, as the three known (to me) exploits are still awaiting a permanent solution.

Your only option is to build a high diving board after very careful picking away at their landclaim.

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