Permanent God-Bubble

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Dear Funcom. Can you please fix the exploit where people activate god-bubbles that stay forever. We have this russian clan on EU-PVP #1307 who have had god bubble up for over an month now. And now they have 7 active bubbles. These are ofcourse also the people who raid EVERYBODY. Even the low level guys. And they naturally build their bases in cliffsides, trees and green-wall-posts which actually makes it IMPOSSIBLE to raid it when catapult, avatar and arrows dont get trough.

Its ruinin our server. Their main base is on EU-PVP #1307 in the cliffside snow/vulcano at 12/13-F. Just use your adminpassword, log in and take a look. Please.

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1.Log in
2. Watch the cheaters on the server have 4 active god-protections every single day
3. Sneak in and check one of the temples and see they have 0 tokens there
4. Get raided by the cheaters and not beein able to get anything back

Check out the last dev-stream.

They talked about, and know it. Should be fixed next. :wink:

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