Shame on you funcom

Huge fan of this game,after a 9 months break on conan i m a bit disapointed you didnt do anything versus meshers n cheaters on official pvp servers.

And legit players dont have more choice than learn to mesh too if they want a revenge,most of the time it’s impossible to get the stuff back…

I m YOUR CUSTOMER since the ps4 version of the game and i wonder if you dont want to lose the rest of your players…

I cant really understand where is the difficulty to cancel all the stuff used to cheat,to be honnest nobody use chairs on pvp for another reason than access in a mesh and i m not really sure hatch doors and drawbridge animations will miss us if you cancel them.

And as i saw on youtube (cause i just had to learn meshs spots to find those toxic players) you already got the same cheaters problems on Siptah^^

It will be very appreciate if one day you finaly decide to do your job and fix those exploits who just ruined our experience and your excelent game…

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Judging by the amount of posts of users banned and trying to appeal lately, I’d say they are doing something.


Hi @Kastoomi, thanks for reaching out to us.

We’re currently working on the parity update and with that our anti-undermesh tool will be implemented on PS4 as well. As stated here on the TestLive update 2.3 patch notes:

In the meantime please submit a ticket to report any undermesh buildings and we’ll act accordingly.

Thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the zendesk link Mayra,just reported them and i really hope your anti-undermesh tool gonna fix those recurrent issues.

@taemien sorry i wasnt aware they ve banned cheaters from the game,i just hope they cant create another account and mess again legits players with those exploit.

I admit i was a bit upset after they blew some of my stuff that i cant get back from their f7 mesh.

We played on server 3553 on PS4, we made several reports of undermesh, with photos and videos and nothing was done … Even a temple inside the glitch exists. After Funcom was sold, the game is totally abandoned, unfortunately

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and now completely surrounded the desert obelisk, with walls and fence

Everyone knows game of thrones right that one part with queen cersei’s shame shame shame shame shame lol

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