Game mode: Online official
Type of issue: Exploit
Server type: PvP

For the love of god Funcom, please FIX the UNDERMESHING exploit!!! Fix the root cause, since the things you have been trying, have not stopped it.

I have no freaking clue how cheaters get under, nor do I care or want to know how and it’s not the point of this post. The following is what I DO KNOW, and I hope this can also help legit players at least have some chance to root out the cheaters.

Many times now I have found evidence of some cheating clan likely under-meshing, and then I check closely as follows:

  • strange decoy or useless building stuff …OR… there is land claim even though nothing can be seen
  • then to check to see if it’s a potential under-mesh spot, in single user, see if you can find a place to stand and build under there using admin panel ghost mode to first get inside (if you can do this, then someone who knows how to get there online can under-mesh)

Other evidence includes sometimes:

  • being able to see something built looking through a crack in structure or terrain (using first-person view can help after you try to squeeze into a crack)
  • hearing thralls but nothing in sight
  • getting a dancer buff from nowhere
  • blowing a bomb and seeing players and/or thrall health bars UNDER the MESH (note a player is a container too and could be used for that purpose)
  • a container of some type used to pass stuff down, Ive seen vaults used for this
  • a player pops out of the ground, magically

What can we the legit players do about it? God it! Yes this does work. Its time consuming but it works. You don’t need to destroy 100k foundations for it to be effective. Chests, crafting stations, and players being used as containers are destroyed very easily and the stuff despawns unless the cheater gets there fast.

FunCom, I can provide you with several example locations where it’s been done on server 1808. Sadly the locations I have found would be just the tip of the iceberg. Some I’ve godded and removed and taken land claim to try and prevent. Some are in use by cheaters right now. Let me know if you want the details. Let me know if you are willing to come and remove the cheaters and/or their stuff!

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. watch for the cheating crap listed above, then realize how much you are being screwed over by cheaters
  2. watch this problem constantly being reported to FunCom and funcom claims to fix it multiple times but it’s NOT FIXED
  3. God the site of under-mesh, then take land claim to prevent it, since FunCom is not doing anything successfully
  4. once it disgusts you too much to stand it, try a post like this, hoping you won’t reach the point of quitting the game

I would keep reporting locations, to slowly narrow out the holes they found.

How they got in, may also be further way, and they built under bridges to travel map below, before making the base.

I havnt had any luck myself finding them on my own… and they’ve been semi smart not showing it on youtube. -_-’

I’m sorry for the trouble! I appreciate the details of your report. We do have a fix in development! You can see known issues and the status of them here. Undermeshing is prioritized and can be found under the “in development” column.

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Thanks Nicole. I was actually the first to upvote that.

Everyone who cares about this exploit, please click Nicole’s link above and vote for it!


What’s unfortunate about this exploit is that many players don’t even know that it has an impact on their gaming experience. They will care more about thrall AI because it’s something they are exposed to more often. The thrall AI is definitely broken and needs to be fixed, but that’s not something threatens your existence on the server.


However one cannot blame anyone for not having experienced that.
And the sole reason of Thrall AI being broken is due to having thought about griefers on pve/pve-c.

These would just go and kill other player thralls to have their next purge hit them really hard. Thus Funcom decided to make thralls kind of building pieces.

I appreciate the thought, I really do.
However I wonder if there is a way of doing that without messing with certain serversettings like pvp.
Like having player owned thralls deal 1% damage to players and players only dealing 1% damage to player owned thralls.

I think that should be another serversetting but I guess this is by far more easier to do? But I dont know about that stuff anyway…

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Tonight I godded another under-mesh base. You can see in the chat (screensot below), the cheater himself admitting to it.

@Spynosaur_Nicole could you please come visit our server, check the spot (Boundary Spillway then see my signs), and ban the offending clan?


To be fair, it doesn’t effect me at all as a single player modder (PC obviously). People often go with the things that are important to them and there are many people who play on private servers or single player.

Still, I included my votes into undermeshing as well as PS4 crashes because I read way too many forum posts and I know how impactful undermeshing is to the multiplayer community, and frustrating to PS4 users who many have had crashing issues. I’m just saying that it’s understandable that other’s don’t consider either of those things as high priority because it doesn’t affect them at all.

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Undermesh…It seems they never gonna fix it.
Been talking with my friends lately about Conan (I stopped playing around 2 months ago, others in summer). Shared some good memories, remembered how we enjoyed the game when we just started. Everyone admitted that it was great to play, as well as that they will not come back to this game because of cheaters/exploiters/ bug abusers/dupers and etc. Yeah, we played on Asian servers, and we had enough. I asked them, that maybe we should try a game again if funcom will fix it…Well, my idea was turned down. After that we started discussion about what can make Conan Great Again, and what can bring my friends back. And we came to conclusion that official servers with alive working admins will make them play Conan Again. Everyone is ready to pay a reasonable subscription for that…So what do you all think about this?

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Subscriptions are never going to happen. Funcom has been clear about this from the start. It’s asked frequently, and the answer is always the same.

The only way to get active admins is via a private server, that’s just how it is with games like this (Ark included as an example). If you are PC user, the auto mod downloader is coming soon, so joining private servers will be easier then ever.

That said, Funcom will take action when it deems it so. There is a locked thread from just yesterday where such actions were taken and the cheaters involved were banned.

Then the end of this game is inevitable…

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i second this. needs fixing.
we have been targetting such bases on about 4 servers. we have successfully managed to remove 4 clans using them. if you want help in removing them inbox me.

Unfortunately never going to happen though there is already something which could be done to make it happen (whitelisting).
I would like something like premium official servers though, where one only gets access because of a sub while leaving all official servers as they are. …

Bring them to a private server with active and trustworthy admins.

I started one up with at least six months paid on it and we’re having a lot of fun.

FUNCOM does not care enough about Official servers - only the game itself. :frowning:

Can I send you something as a thanks? DLC Key? Need any help? You have my gratitude as a fellow smesher.

Did you achieve the spillway destro solely with explosives and Set?

The server has good population, maybe because we (players who have been there since launch or a long time) have managed to keep cheaters at bay fairly well so far. Funcom did ban a speedhacker (same guy twice), and the rest just eventually leave if you keep the heat on them.

But the server could be in trouble now with the current batch. They use multiple exploits and some speed hacking. The other commonly used exploit of course, is the infinite stamina one. Between under-meshing and stamina, the problem I see is that it’s becoming like the “new norm”. It’s disgusting but since Funcom has not stopped these two exploits, too many take the attitude of “if you can’t beat them, join them”. The dark side could be taking over which spells the end of the server and cripples the game’s future.

Don’t know if we need help its early to tell. I have for months, done this sort of thing always solo and will remain solo, so that’s why I say the server may need help, rather than me. I don’t want you to send me anything but thanks for the offer :slight_smile:

The spillway (pic above) I did not want to entirely destory, thus so far I’ve used just Set. The vault they use to pass stuff down is still there, but I was able to extend the land claim I had already, closer, which proves that they have stuff below and that I removed some. So in this way, some of it remains so Funcom can come look if they followup on that request, and I can also watch and see what the cheaters are going to do.


We are fellow group of expats who live and play in Asia(China, Japan, Korea and etc). And there are no trustworthy private servers in reasonable ping vicinity for us. Private servers are just not popular here =(.

Premium official servers!!!This is it! This will make my buds back to the game

Then you guys should pool your funds and make one. :stuck_out_tongue:

No response necessary - just a suggestion.

Premium Official server? That is so oxymoron.


Why do you think it’s dumb?
I think a lot of game do use optional subs. Though then it comes with actual support. …
How would that be a bad idea? It wouldnt require people to pay it in order to play the game. It would be for being whitelisted for the duration of the sub for “premium” servers - by which I mean nothing else than official servers with admins.

Also I already said it is highly unlikely to happen anyway.

Thing is, a good private server is easy to access (eighter all social media being used to tell about the mods until that autoloader gets pushed out OR just playing vanilla) and has one or multiple admins which then make sure rules are being followed - of course those need to be set as well…
Not everyone wants to do this. Kind of like leading a server… Some just want to play, not a second job.

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