Idea against meshing

Hello all,
My mate just got a great idea how to work against meshing.

What is if you sorta invert the mesh, if someone makes it in it - he can not walk out that easy anymore + the non-build collision area. That would make people lose all their gear and be pretty efficient.

Regards, provokatze

Hi @Provokatze23, thank you for your feedback, that would not be possible due to several technical reasons, but we would appreciate any feedback regarding the current measures that are already in-place on the test live servers!

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Unfortunately our pvp server is since 2 weeks under attack from exploiting meshing idiots and i dont have time for anything else. My reports being ignored since.
I decided to stop playing after my base got mesh raided today and they are STILL invulnerable in the black keep dungeon.
I’m very tired, im sorry.

The problem with the test live measures, is not everyone can test them or no how to execute the under mesh trick. Plus I am sure the exploiters are testing them for holes if anything else. Being so secretive on how it is combating the under mesh on thisvery major issue is starting to wear a lot of legit players patience tbh.

One way of knowing if you have amesher on your server is to see if htere is a maproom at F3. If there is they are getting in and out of their base by jumping into the void and respawning with all their gear at F2 in teh desert.

Killing players who fall into the void would help.

Kiling players that are under the map a set amount of seconds should do the trick also.

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