Meshing problem?

Is there a meshing issue in this game? Cause on ps4 our base had a person inside dump all our named thralls from the purge and all mats inside our crafting stations. And is there a way to report people who abused such exploits?

Happened right after our server crashed so i dunno if they caused that or not

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its possible to undermap, but more commonly people just follow behind you into your base and you just don’t see them, either b/c you’re not paying attention or they don’t render in due to client/sync issues. The intruder then finds a place to hide out of sight and when the time is right start de spawning everything they can access. This is an insidious but valid tactic that my tribe has done more than a few times to bring enemies down without them even knowing we were there.

For example: one time we snuck into a base following behind a very tired enemy player just finishing up a brimstone run. We log off in a hidden spot and wait a few hours. Then just before raid window we log back on, start pop corning stuff and notice an arch priest was recently left in a t3 alter bubble with enough zeal to pop a god coin. We crafted a god coin, jumped out and then godded the very same base.

Another time we snuck into another base and slot capped our inventories with everything we could grab and then crafted midnight grove potions to teleport out. The enemies never figured out how we pulled that one off but accused us of all sorts of sorcery.

TL;DR PVP in Conan can be very savage and not all enemies raiding your base announce themselves.

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We airlock our base with a good 3 foundation walls at least and at least 7 -12 doors per airlock its definitly not an issue having people follow us in. The person i had found still in our base was in our crafting room, which was closed off from the rest of our base anyway. There was some of the cave wall exposed in the crafting room still however which is how they woulda got in

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I’ve personally followed dudes behind 12 gates without them ever noticing (or realizing I wasn’t friendly)
and then there’s always the insider angle. But if its a meshing issue usually they can “pop up” but not through a wall horizontally unless they have something ( I can’t say but there’s a few structures) nearby to push them through the mesh. Which cave?

We built up in the crevice we had all been out fighting world bosses/building elsewhere at the time and such so no one was even home to open doors

Yes there is meshing.

There is also building load issues. So if someone is out exploring and your base starts to render in they can glitch inside your base before its done.

There was a patch not long ago that attempted to fix that and failed.

There is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid it. Even if you build small the thiefs system might still struggle loading in your base and they can still get access to anything that has already loaded.

Check to see if you notice any odd structures of his in the general area but he could have just got lucky following one of you in and then waiting for the right time.

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