Does the anti mesh feature work?

Not able to get online atm and scout my old server. I saw some posts on reddit claiming it didnt work, i really hope it does though.

We been testing a bit on offi pvp, seems like still can get in but not build as before.

So if we can not build, means we can not place bombs. Ok. But if someone keeps living in his meshbase how do we get rid of him? Arrows?

Will there be more active server care in next time to get rid of existing mesh bases?

Would like to see some more information from funcom about it too. Maybe there s an old post, but didn’t find anything yet.


They should just wipe all servers at this point. There’s been duping, meshes that can’t be removed now and so many copies of weapons that have been nerfed that have pre nerf stats.

  1. Open Conan Exiles.
  2. Connect to Official Server XXXXX
  3. TeleportPlayerTo X,Y,Z coords.
  4. Point cursor at Foundation under mesh.
  5. hit ~ (tilda key)
  6. type: BuildingIdentify
  7. Ban everyone in ClanID seen in popup.
  8. type: BuildingDestroyById [InsertIdHere]
  9. Exit to Main Menu.
  10. Repeat step 1, but different server.

Total Labour cost for 100 Servers = 4 to 7 hours.
Total Customer Abandonment Prevention = Approx 500-1000 players.

Moonwalk out.

I’ll just leave this here for others to think over and haggle over the math with…maybe its longer, maybe its shorter…but…as long as we’re thinking its not a programming problem.

I mean, its not as if there are fixed caves in Siptah for example that have known specific locations that you can only build bases in which could be simply banned using configuration variables in servers like

  • AllowedTimeUndermesh
  • AllowedDistanceUndermeshSquared

exist or anything… :shushing_face:


Report them maybe? If new undermesh construction is made impossible, the support people who handle reports should have more time to deal with existing issues, so every undermesher reported and subsequently banned won’t return to plague the server. It may still take time to get rid of all of them, but at least now time is onl the honest players’ side.

It’s also possible that this is just Phase 1 of the anti-undermesh system, and once Funcom is certain that they’re not getting false positives, they unleash Phase 2 which blows up the underground mole-lairs.


Perma ban the clan will do, no need to wipe

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If the system does n’t work players will use undermesh after the wipe…
Why should everyone suffer because of a few cheaters? That does n’t make any sense.

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I’m still against the idea by punishing everyone with a wipe… not only the cheaters get reset but also the legit players. How is this a fair solution?

If they start wiping servers players will question if they are trustworthy since they stated many many times wipes will never happen on official servers.

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I didn’t. I have said before that I take cheating very seriously, I understand it ruins the enjoyment of honest players and I encourage Funcom to take action. Please don’t accuse me for something I didn’t do.

I didn’t “make up” anything. I merely presented a a possible theory that Funcom may have a different long-term plan than we know. It’s pure speculation on my part, I have no inside information from Funcom.

If you’re feeling too upset to have a reasonable dialogue with your fellow players, please take a break from the forums and come back once you’ve calmed down enough so as not to attack other forum users simply because they didn’t immediately join your angry mob with torches and pitchforks.


Hey there,

Please understand how the anti-undermesh system works. What it does is it prevents players from existing in undermesh areas. Buildings that have been previously placed will remain in there until decay sets in, but they will be unreachable.
If players can still traverse undermesh locations in the Exiled Lands, please report it to our team via a DM to @Community with either location where this is possible and/or the method to achieve it so we can continue tuning this feateure.
Based on internal telemetry and data gathered since the activation of this feature yesterday, we have observed it is working as intended, with a large number of player characters who have attempted to access undermesh locations being killed in the process.


Just not on siptah of course…

On Official Server 1974 (Exile Lands) its not working? and no way in hell am i playing that game again, I’ve sent several "DM"s to that process and got zero in return.


I will never understand this … Its like i play conan now for almost 6 months from time i got ill… and dont have anything else to do, but i still cant figure out how even someone can make undermesh base ( if i got it right its bases under terrain right) its like wtf

Peoples are in 3 groups

  1. Smart peoples who do and develop stuff and world ( like leaders, game devs, modders, workers)
  2. Those who use they stuff normally ( like normal peoples who spend money to get fun and such )
  3. Smart idiots who use they brain power to harm others and ruin first ones job ( terrorists, hackers, code breakers )

I mean how its even possible to find such code weakness, its like someone using reverse enginerring , seeing code and breaks it… just i dont understand what is in they brains, its like they are smart but for doing good they better ruin "Life to others " :D…


No, on Siptah is not working as we announced, @dorizzdt. It will be enabled on that map once it is ready.


It is fairly simple, just 1 search in YouTube about undermesh and you’l find out how.


Alright, we’ll close the thread as per our community guidelines regarding exploit discussion. You can check them out here:

If you would like to report an instance where the anti undermesh feature isn’t working as intended, please report it via DM to @Community.

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