Undermesh Bases in Official Server #1082 (and in general)

My name is George and I’ve been enjoying your fantastic game Conan Exiles since March!
I’m sending this email to ask you formally, what is your policy on undermesh bases in your official servers.
We are currently playing in Official Server #1082. And we have spotted at least 3 undermesh bases.
The problem is that we cannot raid an undermesh base unless we go undermesh too.
Is this what we are supposed to do? Or, should we rely on you to ban these players from official servers?

I am not a Funcom employee but:

  • anti-undermesh protection was enabled on official servers for Exiled Lands not long ago. It doesn’t destroy already existing structures but prevents players from accessing them by killing them.
  • there are certain locations which the system does not detect due to various reasons, some of them are fixed with the patch which is currently being tested on TestLive.
  • you can find Funcom’s reporting policy here: Official Servers - Terms of conduct, guidelines and procedures. Please do not expect an immediate answer, it can take weeks before your report is reviewed and eventually any action taken.
  • in addition to the above, Funcom has been working on their telemetry to receive information automatically when people are accessing locations which are not supposed to be accessed. It will help them improve their anti-undermesh protection and hopefully, reduce the backlog of reports related to that.

If you ask me as a player, next step is to destroy whatever is located undermesh, however, Funcom have to be very careful how it is implemented in order to avoid false positives.

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Thanks for the time!
All I’m saying is, we cannot play the game normally. And it’s not a free game, we all payed for it and we expect a support team that actually does something, and helps.
And if undermesh is considered a reportable offence then the administrators should take swift action!
Otherwise anyone who has a pre existing undermesh base, or can still make a new one in particular locations, then the game itself is compromised.

Won’t happen. You can follow the process, you’ll get a standard tempalte response and thats about it. If it does happen it won’t happen quickly enough to stop the damage these players are likely to cause.

Typically in these situation what actually happens is this:

  • Players may just do what you asked, go under the mesh and try and raid them to evict them. On 6402, 6401 and few others I saw this happen. It works to certain extent in that the offending players get a bit scared that other players will go to that level of extremes to protect their server. However they just move down the road and setup shop again.

  • Players will suffocate the meshers. Typically they use very specific entry spots to get in and out, the key is to just wall them off as much as you can and as quickly as you can. The more spam you surround them the more harder it is for them to go in/out. Especially now the new system has cut off a lot of the normal entry spots, this maybe a win? in terms of strategy.

  • There are no administrators. Funcom don’t have access to their own servers - crazy i know - but they don’t have actual access. All they can really do is once they have the steamids ban them from the live services entry point, meaning halt the players ability to connect to the servers but what goes on in the server itself… they have no visibility into.

Note: The players only get a 7 day ban if they are first offenders, and they often have a shadow clan account setup to offload the major loot to. So they assume that they will be banned within 2-3 weeks and wait the 7 days out, come back and continue on. This happened on 1974, 6402, 6401 and 6425 servers.

  • Shut down and wait it out. We’ve found better success in just body vaulting our major loot, storing the rest in 20-30 vaults around the map and just wait them out. When they have starved themselves of raidable targets they typically just move onto the next server(s).

You’d think that was a normal response, but around here on these forums its a hard no.

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Exactly 5 minutes to wipe the clan doing it,

yet NOOOOOO we have to code a new system that messes up everything else and takes 5000 hours to code and get right…

I came to the forums to also make a complaint regarding this server. There has been video evidence sent to yourselves already in regards to the issues with a clan that has joined. The cheats included are Undermeshing, Speed Hacking and Lag switching, of which we as a clan have already send video evidence of this. We also suspect they are using 50 stats hack but we have no way to prove that from our end.

This is a very active server considering all other officials and their activity. Can you look into this and ban the hackers as soon as possible so it doesn’t ruin everyone else’s experience of the game?

There has been constant crashes of the server and have started doing so again now. Please don’t delay on this issue…
Many Thanks

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