Is undermesh even "illegal"?


Will it even be punished?

I mean, i send plenty of evidence of undermesh bases on my server (Official PvP)

How can it be so hard to go into the server, find the base, delete the base, delete and ban the clan?

But really, is it even agianst the rules? Will it be punished? @Hugo


If you have an anwser, please make it public. I have the same problem.


They can go delete the base but what they do is simple they don’t talk about what they are going to do but they simply on one update patch the area that way whoever built there can not move their base and supply some where else but they lose all of there’s stuff but it takes time and lots do it so it could be weeks if not months before it is fixed in a way you can no longer undermesh in that spot slow process yes but it how they need to fix it so it will be better instead of hitting a bunch of buttons making it worse but it takes time and right now with the virus they must work from home making lots of progress very slow so it could be a while

Yes undermeshing is illegal, but FC prefers to work on the problem as a whole rather than the individual exploiter.

New anti-undermesh techniques are being tested on the test live servers, to varying results.

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The fundamental rule in Conan Exiles is to play the game as the developers intended. Placing buildings within rock formations, under the earth or water, or up in the sky is clearly not how the game was/is intended to be played.

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@ Yasunga

Saidly but true.
And don’t forget the time to perform this, time = money !

They can’t fix bugs faster as they roll out new elements, so I explect this game dead in a year or 2 (except for RolePlay gamers).

And depends “illegal”, official it’s not illegal and also when joining a game it’s doesn’t say anything in the rules. Thus the responsibility is for the devs, they should not give the player the option to perfom this.

So basically it is in the hands of Funcom.

What droch-aon said. There is a end all anti-undermesh feature on testlive that has been going through testing since the first AI follower update. Want to see undermesh resolved? Help out on testlive.

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Undermeshing should not exist in the first place!

Time = money, they didn’t choose to take the “whole” problem in once, this problem exist when the game was released so you don’t get me warm with;

“New anti-undermesh techniques are being tested on the test live servers, to varying results.”

Sorry to say this, but you are talking good for Funcom without thinking about it.

Undermeshing should not exist in the first place!

Devs responsibility.


If you step out the dream world, you will get back to reality and see that people will exploit if that is possible.

What you are saying has 2 sides.

The devs responsibility is to make the game unexploitable, that cost time and money.
You can’t expect from a developer to make a game hoping people will not exploit the mistakes / poor gamedesigns because it was not intended.

Literally every online game in existence has map out of bounds or undermesh issues. Every one. Ark as I type this is even worse if you want a direct comparison.

I really fail to see the bad here. People complain about undermeshing, and rightly so. Funcom is working on fixing it permanently rather then trying to band aid the problem as they have been, but that’s STILL not good enough?


No that is still not good enough, they also started late working on this.
It is improved, but on the other hand what can you break.

Undermeshing is to begin a testing thing, you test if the character can get out of the “intended play ground”. They begin working on it when MANY people started to complain about it and the game was already released. To late and is indeed trying to band aid.

You are answering like they have found a final solutions which is not the case.

Don’t forget with Conan exiles, you can work months and it can be destroyed by 1 update. Resource for example is core in this game and has high value in general. But with bugs if you can get that resource in 1 hour instead of few weeks, this fundamental aspect destroys the game, even 1 element.

If devs lack at this, unstable game. Inventory copy bug, how long that took for a fix while for me it should have the highest priority. And still it can be done, much much much harder with little luck, but still.

If they fix undermeshing permanently, I will give them an award.

The majority of the server are private server (PvE and PvP). Why should the game went dead, if most of the player are playing on private server where the server have at least admins looking for.
And again my serious question: Why are you wasting your time be active on a forum of a game you haven’t played for months because you dislike the last big changes (mount update) and because of the (for you) game breaking bugs?

Because game development isn’t easy, and not every single bug or exploit can be fixed with a magic button. It’s a complicated issue that has been discussed ad-nauseum, and if you truly think coding something like that is that easy to do, I have a bridge to sell you in San Francisco.

Once again, Testlive has a current anti-exploit feature that is being tested. Probably will never be perfect, but it’s leaps and bounds more advanced then trying to plug holes in the map every time one is found and reported.

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There is no unexploitable game or code. Who has to “step out of the dream world” here?
That beeing said of course more efforts have to be made to counter undermeshing, and it looks like at least something is on the way.

And of course it is “illegal”, it is cheating, unfair, unsportive, pathetic.
The fact that most abusers get away without punishment does not change that.

Exactly my thought, this sounds kinda lame, but if people show funcom undermeshes 8 months ago, and its still not fixed. I just make undermesh myself? I mean, i dont want that people have an advantage over me when i am playing PvP…

Reason for going to private servers… to have some fun these days because officials can’t!?..

You are asking the question again while explained, so read.
My life, my time and in your opinion it is wasted. Noted.

Funny how you talk when 2 different times/servers, spending months becomming Alpha and both destroyed by just some “game breaking bugs”. Example: all T4 fighters with best weapons and armor which you couldn’t get anymore, turned into performers with 100HP. Just a “little” bug…
Bye base, others running away with resource I worked for a long time, yeah Conan.

Once again again, I did not suggest that coding is hard or not. Why bringing that argument again again again? The way of approaching to this subject is and was wrong from the management from the beginning even till now, with some improvements here and there but that is it.

But why, really why if someone is not a Conan fan (anymore) and you still are, he/she can’t come to the forums because?

Thank god!

Someone with the same logic.