Undermeshing and undermesh building?

Could use some help from devs, we have encountered two tribes working together to undermesh build and raid the server they have openly admitted to doing it in messages and even though we have reported it on Xbox one nothing has been done. We are on server #2806 official pvp. We would all appreciate it if a Dev of the game could look into this matter on our server and either delete their undermesh or ban them. This has caused many players to lose their bases. The tribes causing the problems are KrazyKat and Mucho Punaha.

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Many threads about undermesh bases … you will get the same reply … use exploit hunters or dm one of the admins on here with screenshots if possible …

Personally deal with this on servers I play on too … luckily I find out about most of the spots they use and land claim them before the cheats get too them otherwise there isn’t much you can do but give as much information as you can

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