SOS undermeshers

I’m currently on an official server nd recently a clan has joined and they are undermeshed between the brimstone and the den, no one I currently play with knows how to get under to destroy them, is anyone experienced in dealing with this and can help explain how to deal with it.
Thanks in advance

video/pics, then DM to a moderator. They will then verify the under mesh, and in a patch ninja fill it. Basically the players inside won’t have access to there stuff once that happens. That is the best i can remember how they usually handle this. do not know if they ban/punish people for it.

How would I go about DMing a mod?

Not in my experience.

Send a message to @Hugo or @Ignasi.

Edited to add: @WhatMightHaveBeen, what in the h e double hockey sticks are you doing answering forum posts?? You have work to do this weekend!

@Targett99 i know how to stop it… what server are you on?? Because like you… I had video and pictures, sent them and nothing happened… so we solved the problem.

Did you have to do something questionable yourself (wouldn’t blame you if you did) or do you have a legit solution?

@LostInTim legit

Then share it with the class, or at least pm me in case I get in that situation again.

I’ve sent soooooo many videos and pictures and guess what, nothing happened. If you want to fight them you gonna need to fight dirty yourself too since no one else cares about undermesh in this game. I dont even take time for reporting anymore. Did it at least 10 times with valid proof and every single one of those guys had to be cleared by someone else but funcom. So if you know a dirty way or even a clean way to do it yourself you’ll be happier than wasting your time reporting.

If you know ide appreciate a video of how it’s done because ide rather not risk putting more of these people on our usually quite server, they cant fight, they are trash, but we cant destroy their base, it’s a pain, they got one of our main bases last night 20 k of each matt, tons of named thralls, we need to end it now before it gets much worse, so if u have a solution, ide love a private message.

Looks like someone lie

You think I’m lying? Because they have been “fixing” this for about 6 months now, they fix a location, and cheaters find a new location to undermesh, it’s not an all around fix, it a location fix. Dont go calling people liers when you dont know what your talking about.

I was denounced today without any proof! So I will now tell you the steps on how to report a cheater: (sorry my bad english)

  1. Turn the alpha clan on the server
  2. Make alliance with all strong clans
  3. Raid any clan that tries to grow on the server
  4. Get fat with easy loot
  5. Find out that your server has been invaded by professional players
  6. Take a beating on the pvp and lose 3 loot vaults in combat (with videos to prove it)
  7. Note that the server’s food pyramid has changed
  8. Go to the funcom forum to falsely accuse who spanked you

No one is lying… funcom cant stop undermesh as an unic bug, they can fix only position where you can go to undernash, then he said “fixend AN undermash exploit” and not “fixed undermash exploit”

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I wish it was professional players, they are horrible at pvp and it took 6 of them to kill me finally, but we cant protect things or retaliate to get our gear back because everything they have is under the map.

As I have posted before… we found a way to legitimately destroy the base meshed beside the den i just need your server and I’ll come show u how cause I’m not posting it so they can change how they build/play to defend against it

I’m not putting my server number up here incase it makes the situation worse, it leaves everyone able to see this server already has issues and they can come and abuse it while things are hectic. If you could send me a private message I’ll tell u the server there or I’ll add u to psn to come help. Sorry I dont want to risk our usually peaceful server going to hell. One group on here is bad enough. Thanks in advance if you can help

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