Under the map exploit / Cheating players


Browsing the clans in my server (3818) and noticed a clan, i found their location and their using a exploit to get under the map and storage everything. After a few days my clan realized they are working with a big clan Trading things through each other.

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Hi KillingAnxiety and welcome to the community! Sorry to hear that you are encountering undermeshers on your server. For the record, it is best not to name players or clans in your post, as it may be flagged or hidden. Your best bet would be to send a private message to either @Hugo or @Ignasi our Community Managers. You will need to provide them with proof of your claims such as screenshots or footage. As you are new to the forums you will not be able to upload such things yet. However, simply spend some more time on the forum and your trust levels will be upgraded fairly quickly. Alternatively they may simply message you directly when they see this.
Finally, as it is the weekend you may not recieve a reply until the working week resumes. Funcom takes undermeshing seriously and has been making a consistent effort to patch undermesh locations. So hang in there and be patient; the help will be coming soon.


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