Help undermeshing

Hi All, a clan is undermeshing in server 3129. Can someone help us find them or defeat them? Or even funcom can help with this matter?

You guys don’t know where they are? How do you know if they are undermeshed if this is the case?

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And even if you could prove it, funcom doesnt really care about and will do absolutely nothing about it regardless of the proof that you give them.

That’s not entirely true, they will try to fix the spot at some point within the next 6 months or so, they just won’t do anything about your specific situation.

Soooooo in 6 months or so, IF the clans that are getting grieved stay, and the server doesn’t get wiped… you MAY be abke to enjoy the game you payed good money for. Yea… that sounds like good customer service to me.

There ya go, hit that “Solution” checkbox! :laughing:

@LostInTim hasn’t seen what I’ve seen. I’ve witnessed Admin action from the chief Exploit Hunter himself, to destroy the base of a notorious (and grandfathered*) undermesher. All that ill-gotten and illegally-held loot just came streaming out of a jungle hill like a ripe piñata had burst under its own weight. It was glorious. They will intervene and do. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.

* Grandfathered as in, although it’s illegal to build there now, if it’s still there during the patch it will not always be pruned.


All the people in the server teamed up to find them. No base was found apart of a small empty base

Doesn’t necessarily mean they are under meshed, this map is huge when you are trying to look at every single spot.

Nor have you walked a mile in my Sabotons, Mr @Barnes. After turning in video showing irrefutable undermeshing and as much proof as one could gather on the 5 other exploits being used to obliterate my official, when our allies packed it in and gave up, hanging on by the skin of our teeth (and sheer volume of our thralls/pets at the time) all while waiting weeks for assistance and having to man our base nonstop during raid hours (4 people in tribe, one was MIA), only to realize that praying to Crom would have been as effective.

Maybe membership has its’ privileges?

The only club I belong to anymore is Team Awesome. If you would like to join, please forgive my last post. I didn’t mean to diminish what you’ve had done to you and your server.

If it ever happens again, please reach out. I have a history of dropping into places I don’t belong. Also, my methods are slow and irritatingly confusing, so sometimes my intervention is worse than the infection. :smiley:

ETA: now I know why your story escapes me. You play on the xbox, and it is the one place I go only once a week. Apologies for the oversight, and a retraction: I don’t possess an XB so it will be impossible for me to personally help.

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What exactly do you expect funcom to do here? Come to your server and search the entire map for you? Or ban them because you can’t find them?

Ofcourse funcom isn’t gonna do jack if you can’t even prove they have an undermesh base.

No worries, we ended up holding them off and some of the exploits were fixed at the end of that week (mounts patch) so they pretty much fizzled out after that. Our allies saw us making a stand and cane back post-patch, and we got to take immense pride that the base we had worked so hard on was able to defend against trolls that were cheating that hard. Of course that made it even harder to move bases, a planned move since that base was awesome but couldn’t last in this new world of super-trebs and limited-thralls, but it gave the old place a good (I’d nail-biting) send off.


Dude I’m there. All my ground bases that I installed to draw fire are in fact drawing fire. Never expected this large an uptick in players, and I’m dead sure my 55 max has been exceeded. :fist_right::boom::fist_left: (fist-bump)

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