Official PVP 2949 HELP

It’s looking like long shot but is there anyway to get devs to come and wipe an undermesh base on an official server?
We are getting sick of these guys because we cant fight back and it’s really killing the game.

Any suggestions on how we could fight back would be welcomed also I just want to save whats left of an already dying server

Indeed it’s a long shot. A friend of mine got told you need fundamental proof of someone doing forbidden stuff to make them clear a base that’s undermesh (videoclips and pictures shot from on person aren’t enough for whatever reason because I myself already did this with 5 based + friends did so too with many more and even whole mesh raid videos but no player got punished)

So either you try to take care of it yourself (that’s what we had to do for 10 or more undermesh bases) or you move on because unfortunately no one is interested enough in the pvp official part of the community to actually help fighting glitchers/meshers.

We’re leaving our home pvp server we played on for over half an year now because no one cares and it gets worse and worse. Recently we"re dealing with a speed hacking, undermeshing Chinese clan. At first they only meshed but now they try to raid with speed hack on and there is not a single chance to fight something like that.

I did consider trying to mesh raid them but I’ve been unable to figure out how to do it and there aren’t many videos that are showing current exploits (thankfully)

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