Need more information on undermesh and ban - rules unclear

  1. There are plenty of places on exiles map, where you can get inside game object like tower through narrow crack. No hacks or bugs are used in process - only legal game mechanics and it’s not “undermesh” - it’s same space, just unreachable with walking. Put bed or bedroll inside building through small window and respawn inside. Is this also considered “undermeshing”?
  2. When clan got banned for “undermesh” what happens to thralls and chests e.t.c. in that said “undermesh”? Does admin destroy all illegal items? Or admin just bans whole clan without destroying anything?
  3. What if some players build undermesh, rename their clan to another (fair) clan and then report? Is to possible to frame another clan?

As far as i can tell, FC does not confirm reports by investigation. They ask for screen caps as proof, they do not enter any servers to confirm, firsthand, any reports.

@herompolbu no offence but this sounds as if you are trying to find a loophole in the rules :rofl:

I just want to know exactly what I may get banned for and what is safe to do. And if I find other clan doing that I want to know whether I should report them or it will be just a waste of mine and support’s time. Rules are too vague - that’s a fact.

If you are in doubt, then probably you shouldn’t do it :slight_smile:

Thank you very much for you opinion. I appreciate it. But what I need is answers, not speculations.

Based on my experience, you won’t get any official answer on your questions. :woman_shrugging:

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