Glichers in PVP servers

Hello Funcom team,

Recently on public server 1059 came a clan of glichers with their favourite - undermesh. Clan was reported but nothing happened. Soon they will totally and unfair dominate the server. Would you like to reconsider create a team of 3 people working in 8 hours shifts. It is so simple - you answer a call, check the situation, register proof and the by one command between server restart delete all structures, followers and characters of that clan. And remember to check if it is not a proxy clan trading with main clan - in that case erase both.

Please make something good to prevent of loosing satisfaction by players spending 1000+ hours in this game. We bought the game and additional 1000 hours spent in game calculated with everage hour salary is actually a lot. You can also implement payed substription by choice for some servers to gather money for protection.

they build undermesh on our server and glich through the mountains pls do something. Players like this make that many players stop to play conan…

same on 1100 , but no reactions since 2 month …
next step comes … READ THE TERMS , The servers are a free service , With no Care
your post get hidden .and closed…

Finish reading the terms. Threads like this are closed because the reports are supposed to be done privately through DM.


Let me guess that s on F6 right? :innocent:

It’s done.

Free servers or not, 1059 is now empty.

Every player hid their stuff and go to long sleep.

Funcom, I admire your genius.

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