Conan Exiles is not a fair game

Is it possible to make the servers fairer as people are being wiped out by more advanced tribes on conan exiles. People are leaving the game because the PVP system has no rules. And some people are trolling others on PVP servers making it almost impossible to build a tier 3 base.

Can we please have a report button as some people are cheating and using people’s streams on twitch to find peoples bases to destroy them. You get some very nasty people on the pvp servers.

“Conan Exiles is not a fair game”

What? Were you expecting hello kitty online? Its savage PVP and you must expect people to use every advantage that they have to keep others down. Survival pvp games are highly competitive and many things like blocking obs, resources etc or checking out streams for intel are just standard practice with successful clans.
Yes, the game requires nasty, deplorable people for clans to be successful, savages even.
Have you even read a Conan book before?


There’s a guy on the team you can go to to get this looked at. Search for the QA Lead in Fairness and Anti-PVP bullying. The guy you’re looking for is Crom911.

He can be hard to find because he hangs out in the clouded, misty peaks of the office of Fairness to new players, but if you look persistently enough you will find him. :wink:

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Fariness is not the problem. Unfiortunately, the mechanics are imbalanced in a way that make officials not casual gamer friendly. Private servers have a more controlled set of “laws” thus finding a private that meets your gaming style is really the only solution. As far as officials, they will eventually die off player count, as people tend to get carried away when they can be virtual world “champions”. They too will bore of the game, because once they are all alone on a server they will run out casual gamers to take advantage of and try to join private servers.

My solution, is to take note of those players that are more into the over kill when it comes to raiding, and if/when you join a private server, if they are ever invited, give your 2 cents to the admin. If enough people agree that the person would be a cancer to the private server, then your will effectively wall the aggressive players off. And block their resource for pleasure.

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Okay I believe there’s all ready a solution in place for u u should try playing on a pve-c server certain hrs u can have ur pvp but u can not damage each other’s buildings therefore u can build ur high tier stuff from the way u talk about it I think I will like it better


As Chaos31469 said, PVE-C is probably for you. I switched to PVE-C after playing on a PVP server(on Xbox). My first problem occurred when two people were destroying my base, I think they were friends IRL. They destroyed my base for pennies, so to speak, I was about lvl 30.

I was very excited when I got something like a couple of thick leather, or a steel bar. Which late game is very normal to get all the time, at least in the north. I felt like they were doing it for sport, and when I confronted one of them with it, all he said was that it was a PVP server, so they could do what they want…
After all that, I moved north with what little I had, and created a base nearby The Pocket. The odds were relatively low for someone “high tier” to walk by there. And for a “long” time it didn’t happen. But suddenly I did get raided, and not by the same couple, but by the alpha clan.

I later found out that they had taken a spot in the north desert, where gods can’t reach. The couple who raided me early game must have had a treaty with them, since they could live very close to New Asagarth( and didn’t get raided). Both of the clans were French.

So since I don’t speak french, I asked a clan if I could join them. The clan were mostly lvl 60, and they have many members, so it looked promising. The guy I contacted wrote he would return with his answer(after discussing it with the clan), but never happen…

So I don’t recommend playing PVP, at least not solo. Most of the clans on Xbox are made of couples, I think I have only seen two clans that had over 2 people in them.
Voice chat can probably help you if you’re on PC. I’m on Xbox, despite having a mic, it doesn’t work.

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While I agree on that, using macros, glitches and whatever else isnt really playing anymore.
Thats just being a dick.

While it’s one thing to dominate the game by playing “fair”, doing so by using macros, messing with the server or other “funny” ideas some people get…

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I know the feeling. I nearly had a heart attack when I first got to the North on my first character and got a hardened steel pick. lol

The game is fair. It is the particular players that are not.

  1. Report the abusers if they are obviously expploiting;
  2. If you do not like PvP servers, try a time-restricted PvP or otherwise move to PvE or Role-Play.
  3. If you have a large enough group, or are happy to recruit, set up a Private server and get in active, FAIR Admin(s).

Always bear in mind that in many cases on PvP Official servers, many of the marauding clans like to ‘own’ a server and then move on. They rely on bullying tactics. This applies to every world-game out there now and for the future.

This is Not FunCom’s issue as such. Use their reporting channels for major exploits, but otherwise keep your head down. I know a number of people who have thrived on high-combat PvP servers. They have either managed to keep bases hidden and small; or they have joined with an opposing big clan and get protection by that.

Good luck! :smirk:

These trolls are out of hand and its putting people off playing Conan Exiles. No need for sacasim. And no I have not read a Conan book before. I shouldn’t be builled to leave the server!

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I understand the frustation, but this is not exclusive to Conan Exiles, the “dick” behavior lies on every online environment, everyone that surfs on the internet know this, there are even those who saddly suicide because of virtual bullying.

If one will play an online game, especially themed on survival leading to loss of progression, having that sensibility for easy frustation, should avoid PvP.


Being a troll or not, like @Nuria said up there, if they’re not using third party or glitches, its fine because raiding is part of the game, your fancy buildings won’t make players emotional and prevent them for getting inside, or just destroying for pleasure.

Ha ! Good luck with that, unless you play something arena like (for honor, chivalry, etc) in sandbox pvp games there will be ALWAYS ppl who play dirty and get you while you’re sleeping, I’ve known lots of players who have a passion in that. Now the fun part is fighting them.

lol well if you haven’t read a Conan book before then that explains why you fail to understand the spirit of the Conan universe. You really should. The world of Conan is brutal and unforgiving. The fierce adversity you experience in Conan Exiles PVP is the everyday norm in that world. Think of the exploiters as evil sorcerers and all the noob wiping dicks as the regular barbarian hordes. “Fair” is an odd concept for the world of Conan.

But there is PvE-C where u can PvP at set times with no building damage - it’s rather fun because the fights are more respectful and fun. We have PvP arenas too. Of course it’s on a private server.

I agree with #Chaos31469 you should check out pve-c servers Im on an official server and the biggest problem I have is people building too big a base near mine. If I want to pvp I can, But I cannot destroy st\structures nor can they.

I joined PVP on Conan Exiles from pretty much the start. I am not going to bullied into leaving a PVP Server because of trolls. And no one else should feel the same. That is not the point of PVP Servers to cater for sadistic tendencies. It is supposed to be fun not hell.


Stand in there. I am the same way. PVP servers would be better…served :face_with_raised_eyebrow: …if explosive powder had 12 hour decay timer, made bombs had 24 hour inventory decay timer and 15 minute decay times once placed(to lessen those naked hot wheel bombers from avoiding melee action), and freezers only worked on food and potions, it would balance a lot. There is an imbalance that allows for timed offline raiding that causes people to log in just to prevent it if possible. Logging in should be something to look forward to. Even if you know you were in a war. But with the waiting for attack over long stretches, the game becomes a tedious requirement in life.


Thanks for your encouragement and I totally agree!

There is a way to fix the offline raiding mechanic to be slightly more expensive,

  1. When a player is not online, his bases get double the HP on all structures. Thus, it takes 2 times the amount of explosives.
  2. Gods can’t be used on offline clans/players. No damage.
  3. To prevent people logging off mid raid, there is a 4 hour buffer. Which means if i log off, for 4 hours after, all damage and mechanics are as if i am online when raiding me.
  4. The timer could be tied to the purge timer. We already know it keeps track of playtime, which is how it knows to start growing or stopping, just make it the trigger for the offline raid rules as well. Nothing new needs to be added ohter than the damage buffs for offline players.

I say all this, because the game should be about siege and warfare, not B&E simulator :slight_smile: Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you need to get in a sneak attack, scoop some mats. But with the buffs, it would make it costly to foundation wipe someone while they are offline doing RL stuff.

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