@ Alex (Lead Designer)


I watched the entire stream and you said “yes, we play our own game” When this would be really true, how does it come that you don´t understand how the pvp in Conan Exiles workes at the slightest. You said you don´t want one person to ruin the fun for 10 other people, but if 10 people ruin the fun for the rest of the server because mass now wins its fine? So you shift from one extreme to the other? Sorry, but I can´t see any improvements in that. Before the momentum update, a single player had at least the chance to fight back against a clan. Now you can´t. All you do now is beeing canon fudder for clans that call themselfs alpha and terrorize the whole server until its completly dead.

By all means Alex, but I play a game because it gives me the freedom to deside what I want to do and what not. And if I choose not to engage in a fight then I should not be forced into it. This goes for pvp and also pve. Why I am not allowed to run away from an animal, npc or boss if I encounter he/she/it is too strong for me at the moment or in this situation? This is part of learning the ropes of the game. If I am someone who suffers from dissabilities, or if I am an older gamer or simply not good at fighting anything at all, why does the game forces me to die constantly now because I have to fight even if I don´t want to.

You argue that Conan is a survival game. Here is the number one survival rule: if you can´t fight it, run.

In my opinion Conan does not need to get harder but more diverse. There will always be people who find the game to hard or to easy. Its the goal to meet in the middle to get as much people into the game as possible. I don´t see this happen with changes like that. I am sorry. I highly appreciate that Funcom tries to learn from its past mistakes and that you like to communicate more, but please, do us all a favor and start playing your own game in an “realistic” enviroment. Only then you will understand how pvp in Conan really works right now and what changes have to be made to make it a long standing title that is worth playing.


As I recall, his specific comment was he thought it was unfair that a player with low latency had a very significant advantage against other payers with average to high latency because the player with low latency could take advantage of how pre-patch movement worked.

He then went into an example of a highly skilled player with low latency being able to come out on top in a 1 v 10 and that he thought that outcome was unfair to the other players.

I thought it was a pretty fair point.

If zerging did become a problem in Conan Exiles, one possible way to address that would be to increase the Friendly Fire configuration value.


About the running part, i think you paint the picture very black. You can still run, climb and jump of cliffs, it is just a bit harder in some situations. It was to easy in some situations, but with some cautiousness you are still able to survive, maybe going north not too early and such.


@ helium3,

Funcom simply wants to force people into 1 vs 1, 2 vs2 and so on. But thats not how Conan works. Never has and never will. At least before you could fight alone or with a small group of people against the so called “Alpha” clans. Now you can´t. Skill don´t even matter anymore. Only who hits first and has the better gear. That has nothing to do with improvement. It makes things just much worse than before.


You need to find a bigger clan or another server, mate…


While i can understand the reason because of there change it dose not take into account that players can take thralls with them and with the changes also to them a solo player will have no hope of fighting back

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Yea. If you can’t fight it, run.

So why are you trying to fight it in the first place?

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because its part of the game, and under normal game operation it is better. under the non operational changes it makes it more impossible.

Yeah the new changes make fighting more than one person tough, same as real life, so if you see two or more people in PvP don’t engage just flee before they see you. The point was too make people more cautious to engage opponents rather than just engage first and run away if they felt they couldn’t win. This applies to PvE and PvP.


I like the new PVP gameplay. Before the patch, everyone was running around with the cross hammer or yogs touch. Now you can choose 3 weapons (the axe, the maze or the one handed sword) and combine them with the shield or throwing axes. And a good Player can survive very long, if he knows how to handle a situation like 1vs2 or 1vs3.

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We just released a PC Patch.
Please make sure to check out the latest changes to the movement system that just went out for PC and let us know how you feel about it after these adjustments.


Was 1 VS 10! (really TEN) really a thing before the movement update?

I think Alex just chose a bad example for the point he was trying to make. The issue he was describing (an unfair advantage built into the game for low latency players) would affect any 1v1’s, 1v2’s, 1v20’s, etc.

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I feel the same way. Even though I could see where is he coming from, this example was “wth Alex, this is not the right way to describe the issue and the point you are trying to make”. On the other hand, I somewhat appreciate that he is rather blunt and not always trying to be “politically correct”. It helps to accept him as one of us, instead of one of them.

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Seeing as the topic of this thread is @ Alex.

I sincerely would like to thank him and everyone else involved in improving the game and trying their utmost to make this the best experience possible for us.

I agree with him in most points and look forward to what he and his team can do for us and our conan experience whether it be pvp,pve,rp ect

I even had a good laugh when he brought up his feelings about ENC 5 Perk. I share it. Fixing this into a net positive for everyone is going to be very difficult and I don’t envy the situation.
Good luck and looking forward to the future of Conan.


Sure I will just hop on my horse and run away when my clan base gets raided by 5-10 people because I can’t defend it, since they don’t want players to win 1vX fights anymore.

And please don’t start to mention thralls now… thralls are not human players you can coordinate with and tell them whom to focus first etc.

The latency argument also applies to the short roll which is now used to avoid attacks. If your enemy lags horribly, well, good luck trying to dodge his attacks when he hits you whilst standing 10 Meters away.

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In extreme edge cases and with a massive skill gap between the ten and the one, yes, it was a thing.

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I still remember the day when I kept 8 russians busy whilst my clan mate was raiding their base with a trebuchet.


This is my point exactly. As a singleplayer you don´t stand any chance of defending your base against a larger group of people anymore. You simply can´t.

This is a game not Reallife. And as such I would like to prefer to deside by myself what to do in certain situations. If you look for a fight, no matter if pve or pvp and the situation turns of course you change course. Thats the point of survival. Like I fight someone and other people get involved in it or I start shooting at one npc at a camp and then 10 others come running from the hut beside it of course I start running. And why should I not allowed to do so? A game that doesn´t get me anywhere because I am dying more often then I can accomplish anything is not going to last. Because its gives you too much headache instead of enjoyment. You play it until you realize that you stand no chance against it and deside not to play it anymore. especially when it comes to pvp. I stand to what I said in my post. Funcom does not know how pvp in Conan works. And that is a problem. Because I can´t improve something that I don´t really understand. Its one thing to sit in an office and make a duell with some coworkers, its another to play on a life server full of people that don´t care about anything but dominate and destroy every base until the server is empty.

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