Make PvP King Conan?

First, honesty. I don’t play PvP. Not here or anywhere. But I do like to wonder and think.

Second, I get the feeling this is a Conan themed game about domination.

Here’s my suggestion. Limit a character’s max clan size by their level. (Caveat: sorcerers immediately go solo.)

Questionable reasoning for suggestion is…

Your game isn’t really a PvP game. It has the option to have players fight, kill and plunder other players but still not a PvP game.

It’s a domination game. Survive, build, dominate. Isn’t that the slogan.

PvE is simple to understand for this game. Dominate the bosses, get the items, and escape. Or chill and build a nice place to live. Simple, easy.

Stepping from PvE to PvE-C and then to PvP (which probably should be renamed PvE-C infinity) would be adding a layer of additional bosses to that PvE game. Other players.

Not sure you’ve done that. Are other players at any point in the way of escaping? Honest question, not a PvP player. I’m assuming no.

Why not make them (rhetorical). Make necessary items for escape: one of a kind. Those who would have gotten it now only get to know who actually has it. Make max clan size diminish as levels are gained. Make it so only one player is getting out alive and then items reset. Race back through the bosses.

All the while clan members have to decide who’s going who’s leaving because of the diminishing clan size. Maybe steal from your clan, kill your clan and keep everything. Killing a fellow clan member should be an auto kick to the curb.

Limited resources, raids, treachery, power plays. Not knowing who has what or who intends to do what. By the Gods I’m smiling.

Oh, for those PvP players who don’t want to escape. Well, build a nice home to live in. And maybe throw a wrench in other people’s plans from time to time. I didn’t suggest those necessary items couldn’t be traded. Heavy coin purses anyone?

Simple. Easy.

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FYI this is PvP in Conan:

Worse than a noob. True, fair enough. Again not a PvP player.

Unless your point of the video was 8 min of fighting to prove whose simply better at fighting.

I can understand that. If that’s all Conan Exiles allows you to accomplish in PvP at the moment. Then that’s all it can be at the moment. Fighting for ego and raiding because you can.

My suggestion makes it all more interesting. At least to me. Still wouldn’t be playing PvP if they did incorporate my suggestion.


This guy would destroy your PvE ass. Even I’d do that. Easily.

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Interesting ideas.


And this just this proves that bombs are way to cheap to make. Using them like orbs.
A way to balance bombs is to increase jugs weight x2, and bomb weight by 2, then bomb crafting by 5.

Most legit full fledged raiders would have an enc bomber player, so weight would not matter to them. Fighters carrying mats for 20+bombs and crafting on the fly is melee breaking. But it is what it is i guess.


Four responses:

  1. Ego
  2. Thinking, unsure about suggestion
  3. Concern over current PvP raiding mechanics
  4. Off topic

Well the video and first response seem to suggest current PvP is aimed at ego. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong with wanting to be good at what you do, competitiveness, to be the best.

It might show Funcom has nothing more than that to offer. Perhaps they don’t need to or wish.

Third response would suggest novelty of what is offered is wearing off.

Thanks for your responses.

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I’m adding an addendum.

Every time one escapes PvP the account is marked. Ranking.

An account with 5 escapes goes to higher tier PvP server and no longer has access to lower tier PvP servers. Funcom is certainly not lacking in servers.

Additional tiers at 10 and 25. Repeat with additional zero if necessary: 50, 100, 250, etc.

Always going forward, never going back. A kind of culling the herd or is it separating the wheat from the chaff. (Rhetorical)

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What did I just read? This sounds like someone who hasn’t even played the game making suggestions that are completely disassociated from the actual implementation of the game. :thinking:

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They actually states that in the first line. I think they are just tossing out a suggestion for a different type of PVP. One they would participate in maybe…


I read that line as them not playing PvP in CE, but it still has me wondering if they play CE at all. But yeah, it would pretty much have to be a total conversion or some other mod of significant impact. I just can’t see that being viable in a persistent world where there is no incentive to complete the game. Also, the timescale of gameplay in CE seems far too lengthy for it to work. Maybe if gameplay was as “short” as a session of Civilization or Starcraft…

PvP doesn’t necessarily make escaping hard (escaping is easy af), but it does for a fact make surviving more difficult. Try being an alpha on a PvP server, literally everybody hates you and wants to wipe you. I decided not to hop on for one day yesterday and some trash players immediately tried to raid me. The commitment it takes to survive on a PvP server is insane

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The time it takes to finish the game, plus the necessary commitment to survive long enough on a PvP server. Added with the diminishing clan sizes, potential betrayals, theft of items for necessary exit, sounds like a challenge. Perhaps a very difficult challenge. Perhaps the tiers should be smaller spaced. Escaped once, twice, three times.

I still believe CE does not have PvP. Nor would the changes I suggest make it PvP. It’s domination. People using people for their own ends. You need others to help you when you’re not online. But help from others diminish as you level up. And chances of betrayal and raids increase as you gather more of the necessary items. It’s a balancing act to trust and keep trust up to the moment you’re ready to make a final push to escape and win.

It’s not PvP. Thanks for the responses.

Interesting. Would you please enlighten me how you have defined PvP?

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I don’t have a definition of PvP. I have a gut feeling. When I look at a game, my gut tells me what is the game. My gut tells me nothing about CE is geared toward being PvP. It just has the ability to fight and raid each other. The question I asked myself initially was why bother?

Initially my instinct was Funcom thought people would be keen to dominating a server. Hence little oversight, few rules. Get creative and dominate. Possibly believing domination would be difficult to achieve, Funcom might have thought it would create an ever changing and challenging environment attracting PvP type players who wanted a challenge.

I suspect that had to have happened to some degree. Is it enough, is it sufficient? Is it PvP? My gut tells me no.

Then why not take the game when playing solo and make it the game playing against other people? How? Make other people the obstacles.

Mostly I believe my suggestion falls in line with what I believe was Funcom’s initial approach. But made the individual objective escape. Once one escapes the server resets. Game over for everyone else. By default everyone should be attempting to control/prevent anyone else from escaping. Dominating as much as possible.

More so, if no one can forward deals. I help you escape this time if you help me escape next time. Hence not allowing accounts to return to lower level tier servers.

My gut tells me that’s still not PvP, but it does tell me it feels like a better answer to “what is Conan Exiles” as far as PvP goes or doesn’t go.

Not sure it really matters if CE fits one person’s definition of what PvP ought to be, the important thing is that the descriptor serves the practical purpose of informing those playing the game what to expect on any given server. That’s it’s, that’s the extent of that label’s usefulness: whether or not other people can kill you and/or blow up your stuff.

Now as to the game mode you’re proposing, I could see it being either one of two implementations…

The first would be a sort of instanced server where the world starts with a fixed number of players who are essentially in a race to escape the Exiled Lands. I doubt there would be much focus on the game’s core component (i.e. building), but it could be fun for the same sort of people that enjoy playing Monopoly.

The second would be a mechanism added to the existing game where-in an event happens periodically allowing an escape window. (Maybe the Mummy of the Ring can only be summoned 2 days out of the month.) In this case, perhaps the clan that is able to get a member to escape receives some sort of a boon until the next time the Mummy can be summoned (e.g. increased harvesting multiplier, can teleport home, etc). In this way, there would actually be an incentive to complete the game albeit at the cost of having a member of your team reset to level 1.

To make it more interesting, perhaps the “boon” would be tied to an item the new level 1 player spawns with, and they’d have to evade all the roving PvP players trying to hunt them down even as their clanmates try to protect them.

Anyway, disagreements about what constitutes PvP aside, there could be some interesting game mechanics done in this vein, but I certainly wouldn’t want the current gameplay model completely scrapped.

What does your gut say about Destiny 2 Crucibles? Are you familiar with them?

I’d say no. Breakpoint of keeping things fresh and forming is too far, so it happens rarely. Correct if incorrect.

Oh, so in a way you suggest this to become sort of like Monopoly? At least this is the image I got from what you wrote. Interesting framework you suggested. I’m truly intrigued.

I feel the same. I don’t know how big of a workload this would be and thus no idea how long it would take. The engine seems to be troublesome, so I think this may go the same path the mounts went. :confused:

Fear not, I’m not suggesting any change to a solo game. You only need one of what you need to escape. As far as PvE and PvE-C the servers would not need to reset. People play those for role-playing to one degree or another. Most if not all would not be interested in escaping.

I think you are correct. The first attempts would always be to get the items fast and get out. Don’t get bogged down, avoid chances of theft and betrayal.

The server tiers and no going back would put players who became good at that to face equally skilled opponents.

Eventually though the lower tiers will be filled with people not good at getting out fast and then they will have to think of another way.

A similar thing would happen at higher tiers. I’d suspect each tier would require a person to be even better at “it”. Whatever “it” has become for each tier. Each tier eventually filled with people not good enough for the quick win, getting bogged down.

Every tier eventually having to deal with forming clans, building, trusting.

Then imagine a new player to the game who would have been good enough for a quick exit starting in a server already bogged down with items already safely stashed away in vaults and castles of hostile clans.

It would probably have to be setup as an organized league of some sort and have an ELO-based matchmaking system (like Overwatch) rather than people being able to join whatever server they want. It would essentially be a speed run competition but with others able to interfere.

Can’t say that would hold any interest for me, but then PvE’s my preference for what this game offers anyway.