[Suggestion] I would like to see,

I believe Conan has a great skeleton, the meat on it is spoiled, and tumors are everywhere. but the core of the game, is one of the best.

My suggestions, whether they are ignored, or implemented they are at least suggested. I have thousands of hours into this game, solo play, raiding, goding, dueling, farming, RPing, even hosting my own server. And i would like to see growth into the game, and mainly a core goal that the game is trying to move towards.
Some of my suggestions will be repeats, that have been said before, some will be new, and some will be adjusted from ideas from my own and others.

LEVELING; it is pointless, always has been (in nearly every game) all it does is 1 of 2 things, either is a helpmeet for new players to learn the game slowly, or prolongs good players from starting wars and wipes.
it holds no other value, if you remove levels, you can still keep tiers, tiers are used for the same purpose, slowing down a player. but everyone knows the game starts at max level, so why hide this fact. start the game at the start. not the end.

SERVER WIPES; for all survival game this is the reason why we play. the main reason why a wipe is important is because the game ISNT balanced for never ending life. the game works as a rat race. you start you farm, you kill as you meet each other with LIMITATIONs, but once you are at end game with end game everything, it no longer about survival, but time, how long you have spent into the game. and if cheating is ever found, it is pointless to play the game.
Where as, monthly wipes give rat races a fair game life, and cheaters are less likely to effect the over all game play.
This suggestion is only for PvP servers, PvPers dont care about SIM lifes on PvE/c servers.

ABILITY STAT SKILLs; placing your stat points into an ability is an illusion for custom character development. METAs come and go, but everyone knows that people follow the best that is when introduced to it. though this is a nice idea on paper, it gives no reason to play a unique style of game play. it is we all do this or youre at a disadvantage. though some enjoy the handicap, it is still an illusion.
I suggested, having a unique set of skills, for a player to choose from, and at the start of the game, you as a player get to choose 4 out of 7 very powerful unique skills, to customize your toon to fit your style of game play.

FARMING; We have learned, that there is an art to farming, fast and efficient, and of course for supplies for war, and resources for buildings. though it is fun to go to your favorite location for farm the items you want, there is a lack of cause and effect. Some have described this as mindless farming. we go into a motion that we dont even feel connected to the game. hit said rock, kill said NPC. and maybe, just maybe have another player that is doing the same thing, do you engage or hide and run.
either way, there is a stagnant game play, some farmers have no reason to wear equipment as they farm. there is no effort nor a reward for danger.
I suggest, each item of importance, should have conflict. in otherwords effort to get, ive seen some of it being added to the game, such as legendary items, kill NPC get item, do dungeon get item, so on. though they are fun, and give players a location to meet each other for some conflict. it is still lack luster.
For example, let say Star metal creates tier 4 items and buildings, If the stars fall every 4hours? which means it is a limited resource, at a set location you need to rush or prepare for war so you can have the best mats, once you get the mats, you now need to choose to either create weapons/armors, or building pcs. Lower Tier follow the same idea, but in less conflict, either more of nodes, less NPCs, or dungeon crawling.

WEAPON/ARMORs; Same a levels, remove the endless amounts of USELESS weapons, use a more simple Tier system. Sharp stick Tier1, each category of weapon and/or armor have 7 tiers, 7 being legendary. use T5 as a base line of power, ie, standard scale of a player that can achieve. T6 is above normal, and very expensive. T7 rare, powerful, unblanced, but have limit, such as can not be repaired.
Each of these items has or dont have effects, special to their field. Adding pro or cons when used. where as higher tiers have less cons. and very special effects that are unique and not found on any other item. same as combos of that weapon.

BUILDING; Having a limit on your base isnt ideal for this type of game, however the spam is out of control, and with stacking it lags the server to a point it is nearly impossible to play, besides standard wipes keeping things clean and less likely to create massive bases, adding a resource sink will force players to maintain their bases, as 7day log in, and purges are NOT keeping bases in check. other games have added this and though it is effective it isnt perfect.
Bombs, effect need to be absorbed, i understand the tremor having some damage effect, but in this game it isnt needed. bomb(and those alike) need to destroy what is in front of it first. then move toward the next. if the bomb needs to do more damage so be it. Also, being able to replace walls and such durring a war is absurd, either like the purge you can not build during a raid, or a placeable totem/siege near the base that the attacker can make so in that area nothing can be built(for a set time), such as siege weapons, that can be man’ed like a horse, moved to location. the defender can destroy it if they can, to keep life safer.

COMBAT; Healing shouldnt be so easy to preform, i enjoyed the wraps taking time to use and healing an absurd amount, win a fight, heal and move on. same with potions, quicker harder to just use in a fight, but rewarded if you get it off. BUT if hit during the animation it cancels the whole effect. Any item that heals you freely while in combat should be removed, competely. there is no reason for it. if you want items to increase HP max, fine, but regen should never be in this game.
status effects need more effect, at this time, i can purge bleed, poison and so one without any fear, besides gouge which makes no sense not being able to purge it. but at it is now everything purges the other statuses so easily. drink herbal tea and purge bleed? makes no sense, and so on.
Also, effects such as bleed, sunder, and so on, should be effects added as COUNTERs to that which youre fighting, heavy armor should be immune to bleed, light armor isnt immune, and sunder to heavy armor etc. these status effects need pros and cons to weapons and armors. damage and penetration is a lazy mans way of fixing something that doesnt even work in the first place.
having everything work to work, and no cause and effects, makes the game feel lack, and unchallenged, someone that thinks tactically should be able to use tactics to win.
Horse combat, we understand horses are strong, no one can say different. but if youre standing still on a horse you shouldnt have more damage then someone on the ground, but if they are charging sure, that makes sense.
Having a new combat animation, is good, as they have the high ground, and gives the illusion for such.
Weapons, need to be adjusted, most weapons just need a stamina adjustment, with their hyper armor. as nearly everyone by now knows, if it has heavy damage and hyper armor, you can spam it and have the other just kill themselves, especially during laggy game play. to be honest it kinda sickening, to have someone win a fight just because lag said so. and all they did was spam heavy over n over.
adding stamina adjustments, makes it so they no longer can SPAM endlessly, but now need to know when to spam or attacking correctly. The unique combos and damage isnt really a problem, it is the lack of stamina used to preform the combo that is in question.GREATLY.

THRALLS; These have been in debate for a very long time,
These thralls, need to be thralls, not heros. if they are doing all the work for you, that is a problem. in PVP and PVE, they should be a help, but the source. when it comes to raids, im not scared of players, but thralls, and add lag, that thrall will be the ONLY factor that killed me or you, in that fight. which isnt right. should they do damage yes, should they make you question yourself yes, but should they hit you so hard that you need to rethink if your a deer in the headlights. no. Thralls add a factor to a raid that is unique, if gives the defender an inner protection the raider does not have, besides having 1 with them for a counter attack.
With that being said, i believe there should be 2 types of thralls, DEFENDERs and OFFENDERs, you farm defenders that dont need levels but are strong enough to hold the ground of your castle, you can get them quickly(limit amount that can be placed), for the protection you need. And OFFENDERs, can be upgraded, and customized for your side partner. you can only have 1 of them(per player). The skills you upgrade on them give them armor/weapons skins that fit their style of fighting, and effect their stats accordingly.

Thanks for reading

As soon as you mentioned monthly server wipes I stopped reading.

Yes, that’s what it is. Leveling is there to help new players learn the game, along with journey steps. Your suggestion fails to propose a suitable replacement for this purpose.

I’m so glad you could frame your suggestions in terms that avoid gratuitous name-calling :roll_eyes:

Okay, so you want to turn Conan Exiles from a sandbox survival game into an MMO. Maybe serious, important PVP players will like that, but from us Sim-Lifers on PVE(-C) servers it’s probably gonna be a hard pass :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If you’re suggesting an upkeep system, I’m all for it. There needs to be some in-game force to counterbalance the unchecked building, and an upkeep system is much, much better than a hard cap on building pieces or foundations.

This is a very nice idea. It would introduce a wider variety of combat strategies and more pros and cons of different weapons and armors.

Leveling is much easier now than before Siptah. Its only 7 million exps to reach level 60 now. I think it was 18 million before. I do not think leveling concept needs much changing. Plus the need for new players to learn the game.

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Leveling, would be replaced with fundamental realism of hit tree make item. leveling doesnt improve this, just as minecaft has proven people are smarter then you believe they are.

SIM PvE/c would not be effected by server wipes, as those server do not follow the same rat race that PvP servers offer. therefore, We dont care about their servers. even though honeslty they have made so many castles and perma bases the server(s) are unplayable.

Set of Skills, doesnt mean Fireball. it means the same as when you hit 50points in str and you get bonus effects, what im suggesting is 1 simple very useful skill. that doesnt need an illusion of 10-50 stat points to get. it is simplifying the system. making it so you dont have just two classes out there PvP mode, and Farm mode. it is old, its boring, it is unproductive.
having you be able to select 4 of 7 would make your Toon more unique.

(i dont know how you quote you as you did to me, so forgive my way of reply.)

Minecraft didn’t prove people are smarter. Minecraft proved that game developers can get away with not explaining even the most basic stuff in their game, as long as players are willing to take up that chore and document stuff in a wiki.

Make no mistake, this has nothing to do with anyone’s intelligence. It simply set a precedent for the next-level corner-cutting we see in games like Conan Exiles.

If there’s anything the game industry does not need, it’s to be given a free pass to get away with more corner-cutting and laziness.

The leveling system in Conan Exiles, along with the journey steps, is far from a perfect way to teach the players how to play the game, but it does a decent enough job. Removing it without replacement would be detrimental to the way new players experience the game. I understand that you don’t care about that, but the game is not just about you. On the contrary, new players are extremely important in a game that doesn’t involve monthly subscriptions.

MMO doesn’t mean “fireball”, either. Choosing skills during character creation is a concept that is pretty common in MMOs. Regardless, the point is not to split hairs about terminology, the point is that there’s a whole bunch of us who like the fact that Conan Exiles is a sandbox game, and what you propose would change that.

The problem there is that there is only one PVP “class”, i.e. only one meta. So far, they have been tweaking the game in ways that haven’t solved this problem, but there are solutions other than what you propose.

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This, This right here is a great fully explained post. whether one agrees with the ideas, they are thoroughly thought out and offer a glimpse of what this game could be adventure wiase other than the face plant grind fest it is.

I believe if there was a cost associated with building items, then server wipes would not be as needed for PVP.

As for leveleing, as @ codemage said there still needs to be a learning journey for new players, so my idea has always been give people the full 390 stat points, but none of the perks. Those perks are in camps to be learned as you hit points of interest, and can be tied into a note or “conversation” with non -blockable NPC thralls (Like the religion teachers). This does a couple of things, esp on CE, you can tier the recipes out as you progress further out from the desert to match what is now the tiered area NPC encounters (desret and separmu are starter area–Jungle, Highlands and mound are mid level–frozen north and volcano are high level).
Basically you would learn the 1st 2 tiers of perks in the starter area camps, 3rd tier in mid level and 4th and 5th tier in the high level areas. This would entice journey leveling on the map instead of farm one area for kill xp and fast learn everything as you gain points, not really utilizing the unlocked perks as you go.

Again, great post that seems to think out alot. And if you remove the SIm-label, Although i think you did not mean it derogatorily, it can come across the Forums as that :() your post is very constructive.

Lets say they take away leveling. They would have to revamp all the mobs as well since they were tailored for different levels of game play. I know ESO sort of did this with everyone scaled up to 50 / CP 160 in the game world even though they were not that level yet.

Some advantages doing that is the low level mobs in the south EL would be harder for a level 60 as it is now but still weaker in the scheme of things compared to other mobs farther north for example. So its not like a cakewalk going through those camps.

Side effect, it would be an entire revamp of all the mobs (or those were lower than 60) to scale it appropriately and revamp of how the character works.

Could be an interesting idea, but much more thought is needed.

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And i agree, mobs would also need to change, and honestly they already have that as there is already a Tier system in place. Run into a T1 monster or NPC is WEAK no matter where in the map. run into a T4 it should be God send. and near Boss level. and if you kill it youre rewarded, if you capture it you have a thrall.
As it is now, it make no sense, Darfei is just WEAKer then all other races? why… because they live in lowbie land… stupid.

It wasnt used as a bad thing, if it is taken as such so be it, but it is still a fact.

Im not saying wipes have to be, there are ways to make it so you dont need a wipe, but as this game stand, it is NOT made to stay alive forever. it just isnt.
But thank you for thoughts, you also seem to have thought out your comments.

And here i strongly dissagree. i think the leveling system dumbs down people to the point they miss core factors. i run into morons over n over. and their newbie life did nothing for them.
This isnt cutting corners, it is simplifying that which should be simple. it is no different, then Devs adding a NEW tier of weapons, as an illusion for MORE content for their game. it is lazy, it is broken, and only makes you grind till you have it all, all over again. Such as the new broken â– â– â–  weapons/armors that were just added to prove my point. but to keep on topic.
Leveling is no different then ^

Im not trying to remove the sandbox, i gave a suggestion that would help it be a better sandbox game. you feel it would change it, but it wouldnt. Seeing youre not known for PvP, ill explain it for PvE.
If one of the skills, is Add 30% damage to equipped weapon, that has been equiped for longer than 3seconds.
you choose this for PvE becuase you hunt bosses, or Farming minions. and want it to go faster. where as.
you PvE mode stats, is i need encum and a thrall to do my work. and some survival so i can get more from it.
This is pointless. you have an on/off button, and let your thrall do most of anything if not everything. Ofc the 7skills would be created so it is beneficial, that you want all of them but are limited to 4, and those 4 would help with both PvP and PvE at the same time.

Ofc, and i have many ideas that would help in that area. all things need tweaks and adjustment to find the happy button. but at least with mine, there wouldnt be 1 pvp mode.

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True. But because you can get somewhat the same amount of hide (for tar) the fact that a level 60 can face plant and avoid the intended higher challenge of the northern breasties, having them changed to more or less equallly hard farming run removes that easy button foir level 60’s. that exists due to the antiquated leveling for stats that exists now.

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