Suggestions that will improve the game alot ! you must read

We all know that the game died a little sense the full release, here is my suggestions for that:
1.WIPES WIPES AND WIPES every x months i’m talking about all servers. new players cannot play on a server which ruled by aggressive alpha’ which leads the last alpha who own the server to get bored and leave the server after all because no one can fight them. that the biggest problem at conan !! i got 2500 hours at rust and believe me wipes keep the game alive trust me. i’m not saying every month becuase getting to 60 not that easy but maybe keep the level and wipe all map. that wil improve the game so much.
2.I believe that the thing that attracts people at survival games are the pvp, that’s leads me to make the combat system more balanced. the spear are better than the other weapons by far because the spear very easy to control my point is you need to make the other weapons more handy.
3.make an alliance system make few clans to make a shared doors/loot rooms or what ever. (you can make codes for doors that’s can work aswell)
4.not many people know about this game to compre another survival games my solution for that is to find a huge streamer/youtuber and ask him to stream the game.
5.make an arena server so people can practice their pvp skills without being afraid for losing the gear.
maybe in the future make a tournament last man standing the winner gets a prize maybe like unique weapon or a rare set or what ever.
6.AIR DROPS . you can make it conan style but my meaning is every x hours air drop wil be spawn is random area, you wil be able to find rare items in it or bad items depends on your luck, that wil give new players a chance to protect their self from people who has better gear and weapon.
7.people abuse the buffs, i fought a guy who had every possible buff it’s was impossible to kil him too op.
8.improve the bow by make it the more aim you got the more dmg you wil make, to be honest the bow atm is bad not fun to play and not worth it, 99 % the people wil not use it as main build, to make the bow and the bowman build better you should an advantage for bow like if you using a bow and you are hitting someone you are getting speed boost so you can actually kill people using a bow against a sword.
9.Nerf the vault you need to reduce the hp asap.
10.after making damage to any building make a freeze time which you cannot repair it (i’m pretty sure it’s not exist)
11.people spam vault too much. make a zone that you cannot place another vault the another one.
12.90% of the new players having hard time to get to their friends at the forest or what ever from my experience some of them are refund the game because the lack of success the get there (yea i know the clan mates can help them but still) so my idea is to be able to place a bed/roll to a friend that’s wil make less new players refund the game.
13.make the map bigger we need more zones more places to build more places to explore.
that’s pretty much it
this game got great potential but need few improvements !


i 100% agree with him ! the game needs to be updated and fast i was so frustrated allways getting killed on the start when my team already have a base far from spawn point and i need to get there with out getting killed .
the servers have to wipe ! its anoying that you are joining a server and there is already "alpha clan there " or the people with the best loot . wipes gives you fresh start . getting new base new area new people come new clans . its alot more fun . this guy is 100% right about what he said will be happy if the game will have this suggestions implemented .

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You are stating many players have issues finding a foothold in the game (point 12) but then you would like to wipe more often?
Well as long it is on official I do not care but it seems like ending in the opposite with gamers leaving

Not for me I play with others not against them, but personal choice I guess.

Not against it but how would this be diffferent from an alpha tribe?

Why do you not build an arena on your server, not sure this is needed, but would not mind if there were one.

No, No, NOPE, why???
First of all: This is not battle royale!!!
Second: Once implemented they could get the idea for lootboxes as many did use with such a system,
Third: Where does it drop from? A bird, a plane, comet, elephant??

I am playing PVE but how can it be abuse if it is available to everyone?
Buff yourself up too when playing PVP so just skill matters

Agreed, this thing is useless except for the sewer dungeon

No, simply build more explosives.
FUNCOM if you nerf it for any reason could you please make it 1HP so you can break it with a stone sword since everyone playing PVP seems to be complaining??

They stated this is an inteded mechanic of the game, so do not expect a change.

As long as I am not restricted playing PVE I could be ok with some changes to vault placement.
I agree vaults should not be used as walls

I was once a new player too and why do their friends not just help them out?
It is easy to find each other at the noob river, othewise use a grid-map found on the internet to share the location.
I for one help new players on my server to get somewhere if they ask me to.

I would like to see that.

Totally agree with you :+1:


We have a fix internally for the vault issue. It’s a temporary fix because vaults will be part of a siege system overhaul.

This is already being worked on. Special arrows will go to TestLive with the pet system


Thanks Tascha for the info.

Would be fun using the bow more, but I could wait for that to happen :slight_smile:

i have no idea how to quote what you said haha (new here)
about your first replay
look there so many reasons for leaving the game
the biggest one i think it’s people get bored. when the game just full released there was more than 25 official server that were full did you check how many now days? not more than 3 this is caused by few things: the alpha own the server and raiding any treat which make people give up after the alpha raid them many times
another reason is after the alpha ‘‘won’’ the other enemies they have no one to fight so they leave the server aswell, if the server were wiped each for example 2 month people will to be the alpha and the ‘‘war’’ wil start over.
2.well you got a point that’s depends on the person but i believe the the most of the people rather pvp than pve you can check the servers.
3.i didn’t said to be alpha tribe is bad read point 1.
5.well to be honest i tried to do it my server 2 month ago we wanted to do that but there was few issues:
who own the place? which clan wil farm for it? (clans rather to waste their time to improve their own base and build an arena) the point the arena i was talking about was a kind of a mod that you can pick all gears and weapons in the game and pratice, gear and weapons has durability and that’s cost resources and list keep going.
6. name it how you like to that’s can be a treasure maybe a hidden map that leads you to the treasure i said ‘‘conan style’’
7. again you didn’t played at clan at official server as much i did this buff aren’t cheap you need to be at endgame for that, i believe that you max buffs you can use is 3 not more.
9.well i started on a server 2 weeks ago and a clan raided me (i was lvl 40 not rich at all) i wanted to raid them but they had 2 vaults next to each other so i had nothing against that because for craft 100 explosive for a safe you need alot of stuff and lvl 4 alchemist which not easy to get.

The spear is that strong when fighting other players because of spears being fast and got that long range.
Ever tried to battle with 2h sword against bow users (on like 3foundations distance)? It’s too slow and got nearly no range.
If anything, the devs should decide having fun at some point and play their own game - of course meaning pvp fights. Then using different weapons while trying to hit each other and not getting hit themselves.

Or some kind of crazy event, where players would battle against the devs or a tournament held by devs who would record the matches to further look at how the different weapons do when placed against each other.

Or they could reduce the cost of those jars. 100 steelfire for a single bomb which deals 5k damage? …
While building a new foundation is way easier. If jars were to be produced easier as well, it would actually become a fight of resources. Because attacking costs so much more than defending… (If the shelter built was built wisely.)

Sounds interesting. Three times bigger than shrine distance?

But I hope the devs are careful about not forging a new OP weapon.

well spear is more op than all weapons the reason doesn’t matter haha.
agreed about reduce the cost of the jars.
and about three times that’s sounds very good.

So sad that they already say that rebuild is a itended mechanique … i’m totaly agree with you on this i think funcom never try to raid online player

we should have a setting like max vault by clan

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vault limit each clan sounds great.

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I will reply later in full but you can quote by selecting text with your mouse and on top left of your selection comes a quote button.

Sorry using my phone back later


I really hope you don’t give in to the people that seem to think its hard breaking into a vault.

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The bow is not an “alone” weapon, you need many allies (archers have never been the front line) with bows or someone/thrall/pet to tank while you shoot from a distance.

“Rangers” is a classic profession in many RPGs/MMOs. Thanks for implementing this system :slight_smile:

You are welcome.
And please do not get it wrong, just because I disagree with you with some points it does not me I hate you or something :slight_smile:

That is the point, I do not want any airdrops.
If there would be like a world event which leads you on a hunt that I would like

That is so true.
However, this might be partially my fault as well for reacting that strong, I do not get all those complaints about the PVP players.
Maybe FUNCOM should think about spliting the PVP/PVE up or let us make our own settings so one group is not linked with the other.

I do not like limitations at all, should you nerf buffs down I already see many, singleplayers in particular, come and complain that boss battles became even harder, and in fact they would be correct.

I am not saying there is nothing to be improved balancing-wise but I am bad making examples since I am PVE.

Since you mention a clan I assume you were raided by more than one person while you were alone and possibly on a lower level than them.
Basically you just point out the reason I am not playing PVP.
First: It is survival of the fittest, if they are more than it is not their fault since that makes them fitter
Second: I do not like “noob”-bashing (no offence please) or ganking, nor griefing, but that is PVP
Third: More in a group are always faster to gather than one, given they are playing the same time.

I do however agree with you that vaults should not be used as vaults, in case this is what they did.
As a PVE player I would still like to have the opportunity to place 2x2 vaults (oposit of each other) to create a vault-room

For PVP servers I would not mind but I would however mind if it restricts PVE where many try to build nice stuff.
I would rather see a limit on the shrines but to be able to put them next to each other, as for vaults I would propose something like this:

First vault you place gives you a radius in which you can place, let’s say 3 other vaults (2x2 vaultroom from above) if you want to place another vault = creating a new radius, then you would have to go about 300 foundations or something.

Just out of curiosity, could please someone share how it looks on servers with people over-using vaults?
I do not mean vault-spam but a situation as you did describe it @zohar1999.
As a PVE player I obviously have no clue how this looks like.

I am a PvEr… no wipes thank you. I’d like to keep my painfully built Roman villa that is one hell of a sight to look at, but not that good when thinking about optimal defense.

And I believe that PvE is the best way to play this game, so you can enjoy the vistas, improve on the landscape and learn about the lore. I abhor PvP on the way that this game works. See? Not every player comes with the same desires.

1- There are kind of air drops on the loot chests… Start investigating… Some loot chests are even consistently better than others
2- Air Drops like Ark? No, hell no… This is not a battle royale. secondly, itwould be lore iffy. Want something like that, ask them to improve some of the loot chests on the boss room of the dungeons

You can’t say it’s abuse if there aren’t exclusive recipes for buffing. And the buffs aren’t thaaaat long… L2P on this case

78.5% of the statistics presented without backing are made on the spot to bring credibility to an otherwise purely opinionated declaration.
The “green areas” (jungle, highlands, etc) aren’t for your little buddy lv 5 to go. Instead, you go down and help him lv. Or escort him. If you can’t reach it, you have no business being there. More so on this game that, with a little bit of knowledge and care, you can solo all the content. If you can’t do it, you need to practice more, or level up.

The other suggestions I really don’t have an opinion

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Uhm… you do get that this quote was about vaults right?
On pve, I HATE vaults. They are so huge and (to me) look really aweful. They are monster, eating up space…

Needless to say, for pve I prefer storage rooms, eighter decorated OR well organized. Like a 2x10 row, both walls with chests, stacked three times. THAT is storage. And well organized if using signs.

Of course if there will be a max amount of vaults we may place, obviously there would be no reason to have them being split up that badly.

Also I would expect pvp players crying out because of my suggestion.

A overusage of vaults? Thats easy.
But first: you can place a vault on top of foundations and have the vault not only have contact with the ground of the world, but also overlaps the foundations below. Once that little fencefoundation trick will work again, a 2x2 foundation square means 4 squarefoundations plus 4 fencefoundations in between them, plus 8 surrounding them, then 4 crosses inside the foundations made from 2 fencefoundations. Tadaa! You got a 2x2 square being overlapped by the vault, while having put down 24 pieces. Thats plenty time for decay.

About the actual over usage? Think of an area like 500x500 foundations, all being spammed with both black ice foundations to create landclaim AND tons of vaults being placed at them. Like 50 or maybe 100 vaults?

Next level: Pillaring (blocking obelisks). Enhance that by putting several vaults around that wall, ideally containing repair material. Of course use so much heating lights, that people will get heatstroke by standing near that place.

Out of curiosity, what is it you need to secure your valuable from in PvE? Purges? If there is a legitimate issue with vaults in PvP, they should nerf/fix them. If you are worried about purges decimating the vaults, then adjust the damage purges do to vaults. You can’t just ignore the pvp issue though.

im sorry to tell you xium but for me as a guy that plays only survival games .and i got almost every top survival games and got over 1k hours in each survival game . wipes ! are 100% necessary even if it would be every month ! after a month when you got based on the server and got all the stuff and raided other people and pvp its enough you get bored . you want new people to come to the server,new clans , new place to build mybe and alot more , but you dont really know this things becuse you dont play pvp , you dont feel when you are fighting that the other guy that you fight got tons of buffs and you cant do anything about it even if you are better and got better skill then him ! , you dont understand how hard it is to raid vaults becuse you dont play pvp servers , the amount of grind that you need for one voult is not understandable , and people can just place like 10 in each base . and pls improve the pvp add more weaponst and make the bow great becuse people are just runing out of fights so easy and its not possible to kill them (:smile:

I think I misunderstood your statement. It looked like you were saying that you didn’t want the vaults nerfed because you needed them for PvE, which didn’t seem to make sense.