Suggestion collection with status

This post will be updated periodically to give you an idea of which top suggestions/feedback we are currently discussing and keep it in one place. If your suggestion is not listed, fret not, chances are that we are aware but we haven’t gotten around to discuss it yet :slight_smile:. In order to keep this relatively orderly we also mostly touch on the suggestions that get brought up frequently.

Also, please keep in mind that the decision to implement suggestions also has to be weighted against bug fixing and bug patching. While we understand that, for example, being able to change the appearance of your character after initial creation would be great to have, it takes lower priority over addressing a critical issue. So before getting to some of the issues listed below, we have to address actual bugs and exploits first and keep dev team assignments in mind as well.

If something is listed as “Noted”, it means the suggestion has been brought up but there is no decision yet.
“Discussed” means that we are considering it but more estimates and input is needed to make a final decision.
If something is “cut” it means we won’t be able to implement it for one reason or another.

Please also see PC Issue Status Thread. (PS4 and Xbox to follow)


Current List
Suggestion Status
More player Slots per Server → Currently in testing
Queue System for Server → Cut
Kick People for being AFK Patched in! :white_check_mark:
In-Game Server Status Message Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Improved VoIP → Being discussed
Text Chat for Consoles → This is very complex and requires extensive development
Server Mod Tool → Worked on
Perma-death Servers → Noted down for consideration
Add option to Disable Screen Shake → Noted down for consideration


Current List
Suggestion Status
Moving Mouths → Considered, but requires a proper estimate for workload
Rotational Movement for players → Cut/Not considered for now
Scaleable UI → We will evaluate bringing global scaling over from console to PC
Usable scrolls to leave messages → Will be implemented
Vanity Slots → Being discussed
Lock Door and Chest hierarchy /clan roles → Chest hierarchy already patched in! :white_check_mark:!
Hotkeys for emotes → Being discussed
Multiple Seats for benches → Being discussed
Taming Pets → On TestLive!
New Dungeons → On TestLive, more in development


Current List
Suggestion Status
Ability to see Clan Members on Map → Will be implemented
Combat Lock On should priorize enemies over clan members Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Aggressive/Passive option for thralls → Discussed
Changing Character Appearance after creation → Discussed
Better Group option for recipes → Cut for now
Craftable Compass → Cut for now
Option to dismantle all placeables → This is a code issue and harder to do than it seems
Improvements on story ending → Being worked on (stay tuned!)
Faster Elevators → Cut for now
Dye for buildings → Cut for now
Change warpaint color → Discussed
Better Visual Feedback for Crafting → Discussed
Armor Mannequins → Discussed
Better description for multipliers → Will be implemented
Pick up and move craftable items → Discussed
Remember hotbar setup after death → Discussed
Two different potions to reset Attributes and feats. → Noted down for consideration


Current List
Suggestion Status
Manifestation of Zeal too easy to get Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Vault balancing → Fixed internally
Avatar balancing → in development
Legion Armor too superior Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Building around Obelisks → in development
Avatar Domes remain even without arch priest → will be fixed but needs additional mechanics
DLC balancing Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Low Derketo Archpriest Spawn Patched in! :white_check_mark:
Archery is weak compared to other weapon types → Being worked on (see blog update)
Bark considered too low drop rate → This is somewhat intended progression but flagged to be looked at again
Rebuilding while being raided → Intended mechanic. A siege is also about resources and attrition

The balancing mechanics list is empty :slight_smile:

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I really don’t see why text chat for consoles is such a hurdle for you guys. More than several games on console do it easily, and making a chat channel is rather elementary for a programmer, hell even I’ve done it. Your only issue really would be input method and I’m pretty sure both consoles handle most of that themselves.

It seriously can’t be that hard of a task, hell you guys made an entire world climbable but your downfall is going to be a fuсking chat channel? Just stop dragging your feet on it. Your game suffers on console due to lack of a means of reliable communication.


Maybe there knowledge how to do it properly is not that good.
Just look at the Game State :wink:

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how is it possible that the balance list is empty ? don’t you read forum lol ?
And even if you miss some, you should at least have set god too powerfull

Because it’s still being finalized and needs input from the devs.


It’s being finalized with input from the devs.


hope to see full list as soon as possible them :smiley:

Changing Character Appearance after creation → Discussed

I thought this was being implemented already? I distinctively remember one of the devs saying a “looks mirror” was in the works…

Work on the mirror may have started, but it’s quite possible that they want to include more functionality than was originally planned. Or maybe even hair- and beardstyles .

I hope so… this is one of the QOL things I’ve been looking forward to most. In fact I think the dev that said it may have done so in response to my asking about appearance changes on Reddit.

Immersion Suggestions: More Race related armors, Khitan is good start, keep going off of that.


When using a religious weapon to harvest hearts,essence, ice, etc. either eliminate the flesh we collect or give me another tool option to collect without harvest flesh. The sheer amount of flesh I dump while harvesting this is tedious to drop and adds unnecessary items to the server.


some more corrupt stuff, like some legendary weapon that fit with they history, or the telith armor/aqueronian stuff, and please open the Deathwhisper Ruins and the Aviary.

Oh, and Btw :

Roleplayer need it, i need it so bad please :s

  • Are there any plans to balance the cost of building the 2 different types of T2 and T3 structures?
    It’s a lot more expensive building stonebrick and reinforced stone in material cost than the wooden counterparts of insulated wood and black ice-reinforced wood; which makes sense up in the north, but it’d be nice to cater to the crowd who like stone buildings too - or need to - whenever you add environmental effects for structure effiency (ie. building with wood in cold areas and stone in hot areas).

Clans using yellow lotus full stats glitch on your server running around with full perks and unlimited bombs pretty much holding your entire server hostage. I can’t take my level 60 character to another server I refuse to glitch myself and tired of getting bullied by cheaters. These game ending glitches take the fun out the game I’m done playing. Clan boogeyman is cheating raiding every clan at will with unlimited bombs and full perks on Need patches on ps4

Wow, really nice to see this list here. Thanks for being transparent and letting us in on what is going on within the team. I don’t know of any other game developers who would do this. Keep up the great work, Funcom.

I have a suggestion for the repair hammer
I’ve found it irritating to have to tear down your whole base to have to upgrade it so I suggest putting an upgrade wall option on the hammer and have it cost the required recourses for the next tier sandstone,stone brick etc.
Or just add in an upgrade hammer
Thank you for your time hope you consider it


Why would you tear down your base? Upgrading to the next tier or different style of tier will replace the existing block by placing it in the same spot.

edit: spelling

The great gates are opening like a small door. It’s the same sound and the same animation.That’s not realistic. The draw bridge does open with another more realistic sound and animation. It would be great for immersion if you can integrate such sounds and animations for the great gates too.
There is a mod from the really talented Modder Asghaard which does this already.