MAP needs to be updated PLEASE

PLEASE incorporate the ability to see others on the map whether its friends and/or clan mates

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hi this looks like it will happen :slight_smile:
seen in general qol section here:

do you have link to this post?

As long as its optional im ok, even for clan mates sometimes I wanna be on my own.

We have this indeed on our list. Unfortunately suggestions have been pushed down a bit priority wise since we do have our plate full with addressing more pressing issues. Don’t get me wrong, I do feel suggestions are important as well but we have to assign our priority to more critical issues such as bug fixing and performance issues :slight_smile:


Yeah I think everybody can agree that that’s how it should be prioritized. There’s some great suggestions on here (and some rather silly/frivolous ones) - and probably nothing like a consensus on what goes in which category - but bug fixes and performance upgrades ought to be first on anyone’s list.

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