Map suggestions

is there anyway to implement on the map a feature where you can see clan members and friends on the map? like a tracker function that displays members on the map as a little icon that you can track where they are and also when they move through out the world, that would be an amazing quality of life feature that i am sure many players would like to have.

You know, I like the fact we don’t have, being a survival game requires you to pay attention on your surroundings, maybe for PvE, but PvP must be clear of player icons.

Players who carry the True Name of them God, it appears on the map and having more icons on the screen alongside with all the discovery ones, could confuse and harder to spot since there are other moving icons.

And, if they ever add it, I hope they add an option aswell iif one wants to remain hidden even for clan/friends.

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It was marked as “maybe some day but not anytime soon” the last time we got feedback on the suggestions. As it happens, I kinda like that we don’t have it - the map grid coordinates are enough (particularly now that they are in the base game and thus the same for everyone).

@WhiteArchon In the Modders Discord yesterday they told the members that they just made an Update on their internal Code to allow the output from AddGlobalMapMarker function to return the ID it’s using, which means that you’ll be able to add/remove map markers properly without doing shenanigans. So map markers for clanmembers will be possible in future.

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