Markers left by clan members

This could be an old topic; but on the map there are all of these different markers for places we have discovered. Could markers placed by clan members be an option to be added?

Thank you,


i have a friend who is crying about this every time we play the game…:grin: please add this and spare me from my eternal suffering

I play on a private server with my son. Shared map markers would be amazing, and would let us work together better as a team.

Half the time seems to be spent saying, “Wait, where’d you go?”. Having map markers would allow us to both meet up at a set location if we ever got separated (which is quite often)

This is a great suggestion - I have had similar experiences with my clan mates as well. If shared markers are not an option, I would maybe suggest a coordinate system similar to other games, where we could at least say things like, “I’m at G6,” and our clan mates would at least know the general vicinity, a better system than, “I’m a little further down the right side of the forked river on the upper cliff next to a camp.” :grin: