Make Custom Map Markers shared for Clan Members

As the title says. It would be nice if I could share my custom map markers with the clan members. So you can share locations of chests, ice, star metal, etc. with your dear clan members.


Take a sceen capture of your map with all the markers then share it with your clan’s mates. No need to hard code it into the game.

It would also be nice if the indicators for clanmates were also more brightly colored or pulsed or something. Once you have all the map markers unlocked, it becomes difficult to see where they are.

We could also use more custom map markers each, the current number is way too limited.

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Of course you can make screenshots. Of cource you can take a bike to go to the north pole…

To expand the idea:
A radio button, to share the markers with clan members, grouped by custom markers & PoI. In that way members know where the locations are. without searching google & print.
Also a radio button to enable the shared points of other members. In that way each member can decide to use them or not.

I support also the more blinking or even better coloured markers of clan members.

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