Allies system and clan menber location

I think the game could benefit from an allies menu just like the clan menu and like clan member have there name come up in a different colour cause when your in a 15 person battle knowing who your allies are is good also reduced damage to each other too.
Also currently there is no way to know were your clan mates are on the world map and sending screenshots all the time can be difficult if your fighting other players its impossible thats why i think they should add moving markers on map to show were clan members are cause the system is there i think cause when someone is about to use an avatar there location shows and the marker moves when the player does so why not markers for clan member locations.

So what does everyone else think?


I agree absolutely. Finding each other does take awhile. How about adding shared markers for rally points?


True that itself would be good but even just green marker dots the same colour as your clan mate name on world map is all it needs to be like.

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