Friend or Clan Member Map Tracking(PC)

Is there going to be a Clan or group tracking system on the game map any time soon so it’s not so easy to loose your friends when you exploring of traveling around?


There definitely should be.

I so agree, it’s a real pain always having to go back and find your friends when they don’t see where you went, especially new people just learning to play

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yes, or at least a clan logo over the head!

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My clan mate constantly gets attracted by shiny things so I lose her all the time.


A yes, and also the drama when invi a new member, It tacke to H to find the recrute and you find out you almost live next doore…

I personally like the fact that there is no marker. If a clan member gets distracted, it is their issue to survive and meet back up with the clan members that have not separated. Survival of the fittest!

I hope there will never be something like that.
It’s a survival game, we need maximum of immersion.
I’m ok with the “local” chat but i find that the “global” and “clan” chat are already too much.

They already have a feature available to use that solves this…

…ready to hear it…?

Communication. That’s why the points of interest are in the game. “I’m south of the Den”

Talk to each other.

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Yes i understand the problem off abuse, but maybe a ping on locations or youre base! but then you ping the base location for the hole server …

Actually I am about to kill a clan member. He keeps jumping into a battle when I am already taking on a foe one-on-one. I know he is trying to help, but I have to keep combat rolling out to avoid getting hit by him and sometimes he does hit me. After telling him several times to watch out rushing into combat when someone is already bringing the foe down, but he keeps doing it. The next battle I am not rolling out of the way and maybe if he goes down he will get the message.

btw- he is one of the players that keeps losing the group when we are making a run. (Tie-in to the topic) LOL

Communication is great unless you have a new player who has no clue where anything is and no markers for “points of interest” to go by in the first place(remember…blank map at start)…tracking them down is really a pain since they cant really tell you where they are except “in the desert next to a black pillar and stone road” which is about 20 different places. I’ve had to find friends new to the game several times and every time it takes forever to find them. Not because I don’t know to go, but because they have a really have a hard time telling me where they are due to what I described earlier. I get the whole survivor game thing… but it would be nice to have the option to have it for clan members it you wanted to use it.

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When you have youre altars as a ping for all players so whay not be able to put a ping on a base!

On the one hand I like the idea of being able to track friends on the mini map. You could use magic that attunes the brackets together!

But on the other hand not having this feature makes things like raiding a little harder and the need for good communication paramount.

So I guess overall mini map signatures is probably best no matter how annoying it can be sometimes. Many times I have found myself vulnerable out in the open trying to find or waiting for others when trying to regroup.

Map tracking is horrible as well as a crutch.

If any type of map tracking (friend/clan/foe; any) it will negatively impact the game.

Players should have to

  • communicate
  • know the surrounding territory
  • have situational awareness
  • pay attention

Keep in mind everyone already has numerous types of in-game & out of game communication (Steam, Discord, Vent, T3 etc…global & local chat) as well as an in-game MAP showing all terrain. That’s already too much handed over…not to mention Conan Exiles is not a big map nor is travel difficult.

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