Clan needs a group system

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I have been playing with a few friends on my server and we all agree that there is missing a group system that allows you to see what hp the rest of the group has.

It would also be great if you would not target the people in your group, it is a little annoying when you damage your friend because you get him as a target by accident. Maybe a hotkey to target group members would be awesome to :grin:

Having a shared group map would also be great. we often get lost from each other in the woods and progress is slow when people cant find each other :sleepy:

I hope this feedback helps :smiley:



Absolutely agree. We were talking about this ourselves the other night.

Hell yea! Great for pvp as well. Clans can group up and you can tell the difference between your group and enemy.

It should stay a hard survival game. I dont agree with the preposter.

I like that you need to watch out in an groupfight. Its a tactical aspect in which clans can get better by training.


Since some of the characters can look close to the same. I would say that having more information on who is friend or fo is something that people need. People do also do raids against npc, so im not only thinking about the pvp side of the game.

People need to realize that the game is much more then just pvp :slight_smile: I belive people will have a better time in the game if they try all aspects of what Funcom has created.

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I totally agree. A good option is for all the clan members to use the same color scheme,
then it will be immediately clear who is from your clan and who is not.

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It’s not that people don’t “raid npcs”, there’s just no challenge there for most people. The npcs are perfectly predictable - so much so that you can actually never be hit if you’re paying attention in the moment, because it’s just the same attack sequences over and over for each ‘type’ of npc and their respective fighting abilities.
Granted, I’ve put in a lot of hours into the game, so I passed casual mode long ago. So, if you’re playing very casually you’re probably still in the honeymoon phase with the game. I hope you stay there as long as possible, as it’s the most enjoyable phase. :slight_smile:

I agree that it would be nice to have an identifier, to easily tell whose in your group, at-a-glance. Though, I also disagree about seeing hp bars and all that, because that’s more akin to easy mode MMORPGs than anything else. I too like that you need to pay attention to your teammates, communicate via voice chat in an organized manner anything important, and play from that.

You are right, we all look almost the same from some distance. I tried to dye our armor but dark one remains dark with some slight color - doesn’t worth flacks. Maybe we could get some bright shoulder sleeve insignia which would be clan-specific. Of course one should have right to put it on only when he/she needs it: maybe during raids or so.

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