A functional clan system

Hello to the whole community, I am Brazilian so sorry my English; I would like to leave two suggestions here:

01 - About the current clan system or in fact what I consider a total absence of a clan system I will explain: Clans are extremely useful help to promote the security of players on pvp servers, and contrary to what some think their a very fair pvp presence, currently pvp in conan exiles is not promoted at all, the current clan system where everything from the player is shared let’s call “lost” to other clan players is meaningless, not that I make a point of everything I have in the game, but it takes a lot of hard work to do and sometimes it happens that we don’t get along with clan members, something very easy to happen, I’m a systems analyst and I don’t think it’s hard to implement, there are a thousand forms, create a lock on buildings and belongings with a password, or simply give a choice of building for the clan or yourself, or donate or not, a building for the clan, that is the simple way mind doesn’t work, and it is demotivating to be part of clans, another problem is leaving the clan and not having anything that you struggled to build, funcom create a clan system as it is done in dozens of mmos around the world, use the system guild wars 2 as an example is a great example, and I guarantee there will be a lot more pvp on servers like this, currently many non-clan players who disagree with this system feel afraid of attacking clan builds and are being chased by members of clans, please change that. You will see how the clan system will be of great value, it will be much more rewarding and risk free to join a clan.

02 - Please put in a simple temporary group system, sometimes a friend wants to play together or even a server colleague, and when attacking a boss we take damage from our colleague that’s bad.

Big hug to the funcom team, and I hope these suggestions, which reflect the will of many players, will help you see how much the game will improve conceptually and environmentally.


No, just no. Full damage from clan members is the best. Learn to fight or gtfo(in a friendly way, don’t take offence) from the fight. Less friendly fire is what makes pvp in this game lame. Because 3 people of same clan can gank a single player and take less damage from his friends. Learn how to fight, or gtfo(in a friendly way).
This is supposed to be a hard, unforgiving survival.


hello friend, really about the issue of temporary groups makes sense to your comment, the question is not how to fight, that I think for me and anyone who has many years playing knows, can:), but you made a valid placement, really The temporary groups offer risk to players alone, because it allows 3x1 or more, I will not answer all comments, I will be very little here, thank you for your placement was important. About the clans I believe that my placement is still valid, big hug. I think we’re doing our part and making the game so much better.



Only know one thing a MMO without party, and without a real clan system, is bound to be abandoned quickly, by real players, no one is so stupid to run out of vital systems in a mmo, alias there are even more stupid ones. few, not to mention the problem that we can not even log in the game, since curiously only allows on average 40 players online and every night almost can not play, it must be why conan has so many serious conceptual errors, it is a shame because it is a game with great potential, it’s up to funcom to develop or let die like so many other MMOs, or survival as they might best call it, on what you commented earlier I thought better, and realized that if three players really want to kill one, it won’t be the damage. to the colleague who will prevent the three from attacking together and the poor guy alone will die the same way, so all in the same sh…it

I’m here since some times, actually early access, it has been stated plentyful times, this is not an MMO.
40 people server doesn’t make it mmo. But just to reassure you, it has been said times and times again by the devs that this is not an mmo.

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my god, ok let’s not call mmo, I used this term to describe a group game; The nomenclature is not tied, but a group game is 20, 40 or 10k people need to have a clan system that works a party system that works, a chat that has private messages, as in a pvp game a group can organize an attack ??? just for the discord ??? At the moment a lot of people don’t go into clan due to building owner problems, so neither clan chat can be used, and game offers no alternatives, these are things that have to be questioned, for the game to improve, I’m putting these Remarks because I liked the game a lot but I realize that it can lose players for very small and easy to solve issues, you understand this, about the limit of players if there are technical issues right, this is easy to understand, so why not limit the creation of accounts too, with a monitoring of inactive accounts and subsequent release of creation (I will make another post about it) this is what I am talking about.

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Of course, and that’s why the clan system you envision should be a mod for private servers. Until funcom fixes all the game breaking bugs.

Hear, hear! :stuck_out_tongue:

Not that I’m against a nice system for temporary parties and whatnot, but I would really be much happier if Funcom took a bit of a break from introducing new ways to break the game and did some serious QA :wink:

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I think we badly need some new clan system, where we can give members levels, so some of them can only live inside claimed zone and etc, not to open all doors, chests, dismantle objeccts and etc
or maybe we just need lockable (private) doors and chests, the issue is, i want some people be part of our clan and give them shelter, but not let them visit restricted rooms and mess with personal stuff

Fully agree with Ragnar and the other Hardcores. 100% friendly fire (maybe not from thralls, gotta think more about that) and this includes base damage. And I do understand your concerns about losing everything to the clan but that’s just the way it is. I’m sure these things were explained to you prior to the merger and perhaps you should have taken a day longer to think about it. And honestly it’s not that the original would be unwilling to give it all back, that’s just not how it works and I would hope that if Funcom is going to “fix” things that they don’t concentrate on that , I would rather the try to “break” that mechanic ( to ensure it keeps functions just the way it does now) *sorry I couldn’t help myself there :joy:

But at the same time I’ve seen 100% friendly fire just kill the gameplay. In the Battlefield games for instance, 100% friendly fire made things like claymores unuseable. Same with anti vehicle mines.