Clan Leader Controls

I had an issue with my server last night where one person in a clan that resides there had issues with another clan member, and, before ditching the server entirely, went through and looted and destroyed absolutely everything of that clan. They are still angry in my discord, currently.

I want to suggest that clan leaders have the option to turn off “clan owned” buildings or something to prevent this. It is easier to lump everyone in a clan together, but maybe a toggle from “player building” to “clan building”, ya know?

Lemme know what you think!


And discourage Exiles from working on their interpersonal communication skills? Never!

JK I think there should be a lot more social functionality to this game. It’s designed to make everyone act as a barbarian but there’s so much more potential in this game if they developed systems for clan rankings, inter-clan relations/commerce, and general government-y type things. So much potential.

If it’s not Exiles, it will be another similar game that comes along and implements government systems, but I really like Exiles so I would prefer it came to us first…


What kind of idiot would agree to govern such a lawless cesspool? :rofl:

Edit: Me, that’s who.


Yes or also that even i a clan every member can have a privat room/area that the rest of the clan cant go uninvigted.

Or you could try being a decent human being in your reply. It is a suggestion in the suggestion tab. Clans are not lawless or there would be no clan. Obviously.

This is why I think they should absolutely restructure the clan system. I don’t really mind if it is not something done soon or not. I want to make my suggestion known, regardless of what it is or where Funcom’s standing is.

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My apologies. Steve and I are from the same server where I in fact did help usher in a form of government. My comment was meant to be self-deprecating, but once again my sarcasm has failed to translate.

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I gotcha, no worries. Thought you were calling me an idiot.

I like this! Unfortunately people like that guy exist everywhere and it makes recruiting people you dont know a risk. Some risks are rewarding, others not so much. Allow pve to lock stations and containers to people, give us pins to share with clan members we trust and make structures player owned or at least rank tied. That way the leader can choose who can demo and who can loot. * I said pve because pve is the only mode that doesnt have locks, but Ied like to see this on pvp as well*

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It may be in the structure, because using how one leaves and joins another clan to merge it almost seems there is some kind of player structure in there.

What do we know as facts:

  1. If I play solo, i am not required to create a clan, thus all items are under only my character id.
  2. If I am the clan leader and want to merge with another clan I must remove all other members first.
  3. After I remove all clan members, i must then leave clan to accept merge invite.

All three of these seem to point to something in the connection of ownership and player id’s.

so it may be possible, just don;t know how…yet:)