Clan Management - Rank Improvements


Just a few suggestions/bundle here:

Issues People May Run into:
Joining a Clan and leaving it - losing progress on buildings/areas they worked on individually.
New Members not being trustworthy enough (as recruits) to access more valuable areas of a base.
Members being able to access other member’s individual vaults/containers etc.


    • Being able to “forfeit/tie” a base/area to a specific clan member / all attached objects to same building become tied to clan member. (thus making it their personal home/etc. and or allowing them to keep ownership of it if they leave the clan)
  1. Having the ability to set clan rules based on membership ranks: Recruits - > can’t open locked vaults/chests/etc.

(or being able to set rules to items independently)

Interact: Set Clan Interaction: -: All Members, Officers+, Leader+, Recruits+, Members+, EVERYONE (includes those not in the clan — for public access type areas/etc.)

Interact: Set Ownership -: (members) Bob1, Bob2, Bob3, (optional - No One/ Mark for Decay/Abandonment.)
[This would also leave the option to set interaction rules to being able to/to not dismantle objects, either clan wide/rank wide] <would still be primary under the clan’s ownership/with a subname underneath it – unless that member/owner leaves/and ownership changing rights can be changed in the clan interface to/to not allow ranks to change ownership of objects.>

Feel free to hop in anyone, community suggestion pool yadayada.

I thought the point of a clan is trusting all clan members. Don’t add players you Don’t trust. I say no. We do not need thrall players.

This idea has been used in rust and other open world survival games and all it did was abuse the clan system.

I agree that clans need a permissions system, that way we can designate which doors or containers are public, clan only, or officer only.

I agree there needs to be a more detailed clan or tribe system. Not adding someone you don’t trust is a bit much. There would only be single person tribes! Lol. I’ve had people that I had played with for years turn suddenly aggressive and steal everything they could and attempt to burn the tribe from within (not on Conan Exiles obviously) and more than one occasion. PvP brings out the worst in people. And adding new players and seeing what they will do is how you gauge their trust, imo. No matter the reasons, experience or desires a more detailed tribe setting would be helpful. If you only invite people you trust fully then you don’t have to delve into the improved tribe setting. If you want more however it would be available. Imo it is a much needed addition to a lackluster setting menu.