Increased leader control in clan setup!

Good evening! First, You developers are doimg an epic job. Thanks!

Could we have more options for running clans? Such as abilities to create and name ranks, with rank permissions? Permissions such as rank being able to;
Invite players to clan,
Destroy structures,
And so forth…each rank could have a numerical slot (such as 1-10). On doors ane chest perhaps the option to create lowest rank entry?
This comes from having been griefed a few times from newbies. And also wanting to create solid, defined ranks in my larger clans.
Thank you,


well…at least we need private doors and crates for clan members
i think its a simpliest way to increase clan management for now (just add option - make private, so only you can open things)
workstations must be common (make them lockable conflict with raiding mechanics for now)

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