Make Ranks in a Clan mean something!

It would be nice to have locks and levels and abilities granted to people that allow certain permisions (Also customizable)

There can be up to six different ranks. And you can lock off doors or access to chests, or workstations etc to differen’t ranks.

I would love to invite people to my clan to live outside the castle walls in houses but not give them access to the actual castle for example. But i can’t do that because if you invite some stranger they can just rob you blind.


yea thatd be nice for pve 8]

Something like this???

For Friend thru Member, thralls and pets won’t attack each other, damage falls under friendly fire rules. Which is why the cool down to avoid exploiting by constantly hopping in and out. Forgot that:)

Friends thru Recruit cannot add anyone to clan.
Friends and Allies cannot use crafting stations.
Member can add a friend, and promote to Allie.
Officer can kick or add up to Member.
Leader can kick or add up to officer.


Similar to that yeah, but allow for which doors can be opened by who.

The problem with this is new players are lock out. Your ranking system hurts clans. The rejoin penalty allows abuse to players. It also hurts a clan. Clans are fine the way they are.

You want a Castle without nobility and workers. I keep my farmers/cooks in the Castle. Your Castle is breaking apart, because your tower in the middle heavy damage. A Castle only as good as the players in it. You lack a proper chief,blacksmith and etc. You didn’t want the cook in your Castle. So now you have to cook. A Clan is stronger if they all are in the Castle Walls.

No. i dont think you understand what im asking. Different ranks should have different permissions. I’m i really gonna want newbie clan members being allowed into the loot room?

You said Castle. You don’t trust your clan members with loot? I’m against clan ranks as functions in a clan. Let me rephrase it for you. Bob the blacksmith can’t forge new weapons, because your loot room holds all the resources. Your idea reduce clan effectively down by 100%.

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