Private doors and chests within clans

now this is probally the #1 requested thin to be able to have privately owned chests and doors with in clans and doors and chests that can be locked to certian rank within the clan i can not stress HOW much this is needed as you cant always trust every single person please please implement this its needed so badly


it wouldnt bw hard to oncorperate rank recignitiom im sure i know a game that lets u craft adimin doors where only certian rank players within the clan can use and this is a tablet game called mystera similar to conan only its 2d and is mobile so why not implement clan rank doors

im not hoping for a.miracle.just a small work around some.players cant be trusted and ya never know who can or cant

100% dont get me wrong I get it but why didnt the devs think of this in the first place imo people cant always be trusted…Ive trusted people I thought I could and was completly trust in.people iz 100% gone…

ya…aint that the truth the game is still glitchy like falling through ure building floors fly not working in single player the tempiture in ure stats doesnt work as described it sais ure impervious but ure not heat and cold still bother you just alot less than it normaly does so that needs to be fixed or re worded i see many small things that need fixing

The event log (on PvE official servers at least) does record the names of players IN your clan removing items - so people can track who took what and when within their clan. This is an improvement from when the game was released.

As the request to have individual locks on storage containers and doors has been ignored since launch then we need to use what we can and try to play within our clan with respect for each other’s “property”.
For example:
Chests and cupboards can be named so when you open them you can see it.
Signs can be hung near them or at entrances to rooms to indicate to whom in the clan the room/chest belongs.

For example on my clan-mates base I had a storage warehouse labelled and anything I didn’t want him to feel free to use for building I put in there.
In shared bases, anything which we had for communal use was out in the main crafting areas but items in our separate bedrooms or the chest in front of our beds were consider personal property.

The clan could decide to have colour schemes for players armor … so it’s easier for you to tell if you’ve picked up your armor or not … sure a player could change the dye scheme easily but then that shows they are not respecting other players items … and then it’s up to the clan if they keep them or kick them.

yes that ia very true it is not hard to tell whom the bigwigs r9oms are in the base we have the bjggest rooms and thw greater animals we like and yea the event log does exist and im always looking at it the way I run my guild is dont put anything ure not willing to loosenina chest and if u need anything just ask and we can.provide but the clan ranking sustem is just for show aside from being able to invite people ranked officers are like normal ranks i can understand itll take alot of work but adding officer doors to be made and to recignise whose who would be nice is all im saying but yea it sucks they keep ignoreing this request from people im not the first nor am.I the last

but I think i know what ill do ill craft differbt doors for officers and say these doors r off limits kinda thing cheers every one!

@zerog maybe you’re right, but lowest “clan level” members can’t open (even if they was the ones who built) safes owned by the clan.

I’m not sure it will be an issue to allow clan leader (for example) to flag a chest/door to have a similar property or to change the “clan level” required to interact with this objects.

in deed that is an issue that qhole section of codeing would need to be changed for sure which is no small feat but its still dooable couldnt they like release a patch that contains that code to fix that section or what not? i dont know anything about codeing so im sure its hard im just hopeing that the devs are seeing this and actually goving it a real think around any ways this thread can be closed i guess no point on continueing it on

Oh thanks you, I never noticed they was still able to dismantle it.:slightly_smiling_face:

That’s why you hide a stash somewhere nobody but you knows about

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